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Bomb Explodes at Haymarket Square Rally

Date: May 04 1886
Description: A photograph of a painting depicting the bomb exploding at police as they approach the wagon to tell the crowd to disperse from Haymarket Square. Shrapnel...

Daisy Bates at Broken Window

Date: May 29 1958
Description: Daisy Bates, an American civil rights activist, publisher and writer who played a leading role in the Little Rock integration crisis of 1957, looking throu...
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Pawnee Torture

Date: 1884
Description: A engraving of the artist's conception of Pawnees torturing a female captive in the Morning Star Sacrifice ceremony.

Death Whoop

Description: "Death Whoop" an engraving after a drawing by Seth Eastman from the American Aboriginal Portfolio.

Arthur M. Joys, Robert Joys, and Darrell MacIntyre

Date: February 01 1944
Description: Arthur M. Joys, his brother Robert (left), and attorney Darrell MacIntyre (right), at the end of Arthur's trial that resulted in a not-guilty verdict by re...

Arthur M. Joys Trial

Date: January 18 1944
Description: Jury members and lawyers from the trail of Arthur M. Joys. Seated at the defense table are (left to right): defense attorney Darrell MacIntyre, defendant...

Capture of Joshua Glover

Description: Drawing showing escaped slave Joshua Glover being seized at Racine.

Andrew Wade House Bombing Comic Strip

Date: 1954
Description: Comic strip showing man bombing a house because it is being sold to an African-American man. A police officer arrests the seller of the home for inciting t...

Little Rock Integration Crisis

Date: September 1957
Description: Mob violence during the integration crisis in Little Rock. Probably taken between September 20th, when Governor Faubus withdrew the National Guard and Sept...

The Bates House with Broken Front Window

Date: August 1957
Description: The Little Rock home of Daisy and L.C. Bates, showing their front window after a stone had been thrown through the window. Grates have been placed on this...

Violence at Little Rock

Date: September 28 1957
Description: Violence against African American journalists covering the Little Rock integration story. Here the crowd moves in on Jimmy Hicks (center, wearing a hat), t...

L.C. and Daisy Bates with Men and KKK Cross

Date: October 15 1956
Description: Daisy and L.C. Bates with two men and a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) cross that they found in their yard. Because this event preceded the integration crisis of 1957...

SNCC Group Near Burned Church

Date: 1962
Description: Student Non-Violence Coordinating Committee (SNCC) workers pray together near the burned remains of a church in southwestern Georgia.

Andrew Wade and His Family

Date: May 16 1954
Description: Andrew Wade and his wife and daughter stand in front of their house. Their front windows have been damaged by rocks and rifle shots.

Andrew Wade House Bombing

Date: June 27 1954
Description: Police officer inspecting the damage to the home of Andrew Wade and his family after it was bombed.

Support Prison Rebellions Poster

Date: November 1971
Description: Poster created by SDS (Students for a Democratic Society), advocating support of prison rebellions, and the abolishment of alleged racist prison terror. Fe...

Dow Riot Protest Poster

Date: October 1967
Description: Poster with a large image of the Dow Riot (Oct. 18, 1967) on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, showing riot police beating protesters. Includes t...

Face-off between Police and NAACP Members

Description: The Milwaukee police approach a line of NAACP Youth Council members in an attempt to break up a demonstration.

Sadie Jackson Murder

Date: July 10 1949
Description: Julius J. Jackson, 1049 East Johnson, seated, with Acting Lieut. Robert O'Brien of the Madison police department in the background. Jackson is the husband...

Sadie Jackson Murder

Date: July 10 1949
Description: George "Butch" King in handcuffs, after being questioned for the murder of Sadie Jackson, wife of Julius J. Jackson. In the background is Detective Captain...

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