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The Landing of Jean Nicolet

Date: 1907
Description: Jean Nicolet (1598-1642) was the first European to see Wisconsin and was a prominent French explorer who, for many years, lived among the Indians of Quebec...

Marquette and Joliet

Date: 1921
Description: Painted scene of an Indian guide paddling, Jacques Marquette, a Jesuit missionary standing, and Louis Joliet, a fur trader paddling in a canoe exploring th...
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Expedition Map of Major S.H. Long

Date: 1823
Description: In 1823 U.S. Army major Stephen H. Long led an expedition of scientific, trade, and military investigation up the Mississippi River and the Red River of th...

Voyageurs in Camp for the Night

Date: 03 1892
Description: Engraving of voyageurs gathered around a fire at their camp.

Voyageurs at Fort William

Date: 1860
Description: Nine men arrive at Fort William by canoe. Fort William, also called Kaministiguia, was the Hudson's Bay fur trading post. Men are standing along the opposi...

Mass of Native Copper on the Ontonagon River

Date: 1821
Description: Engraving depicting the Schoolcraft expedition crossing the Ontonagon River to investigate a copper boulder.

Diary of Sgt. Charles Floyd

Date: 1804
Description: Front cover of the 55-page diary, from May 14 through August 17, 1804 written by Charles Floyd, a sergeant with the Lewis and Clark expedition.

International Special Delivery Truck on Snowy Street

Date: 1929
Description: International Special Delivery truck on a snowy street in the Midwestern United States. The truck bears a sign that reads "Here it is! The truck that cross...
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Johnston Harvester Company Catalog

Date: 1893
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog for the Johnston Harvester Company. The cover features a color chromolithograph illustration of Christopher Columbus and hi...
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J.F. Seiberling & Co. Catalog

Date: 1893
Description: Front and back covers of an advertising brochure for the New Empire line of mowers, reapers and grain binders manufactured by J.F. Seiberling & Company. Th...

Horlick Mountains, Antarctica

Description: Unidentified explorer standing in field of snow with the Horlick Mountains of Antarctica in the background. The Horlick Mountains were named by Admiral Ric...

Columbus Departs Spain

Date: 1655
Description: Christopher Columbus begins his first expedition, 1492.
Book or Pamphlet

International Trucks Gatti-Hallicrafter's Expedition to Africa

Date: 1947
Description: Cover of a public relations booklet outlining the Gatti-Hallicrafters expedition to British East Africa. Features a color photograph of Italian explorer At...
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International Trail Magazine Cover of Gatti Expedition

Date: 07 1938
Description: Front cover of International Trail magazine featuring images of the expedition of Attilio Gatti to the Belgian Congo in Africa. Includes a color ill...
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Voyages Of Samuel de Champlain

Date: 1632
Description: The Wisconsin portion of Champlain's 1632 map, augmented since the previous one, for navigation according to the true Meridien, by Sieur de Champlain. The ...

International "Jungle Yacht" Interior

Date: 1938
Description: Interior of an International "Jungle Yacht," including a desk and chair, a bookshelf, a bench, a sink, and reading materials such as movie magazines and bo...

Attilio Gatti and His Wife

Date: 03 30 1938
Description: Attilio Gatti and his wife pose for the camera during their expedition to the African Congo. International Harvester sponsored the expedition and Gatti use...

"Jungle Yacht" Exterior

Date: 1938
Description: International "Jungle Yacht" parked at "Gould's" service station on the way from an International Harvester factory to New York City. Explorer Attilio Gatt...

Mrs. Attilio Gatti

Date: 03 30 1938
Description: Mrs. Attilio Gatti carried by four Congolese men during her husband's expedition to the African Congo. The expedition was sponsored by the International Ha...

Commander Gatti Arrives in the Congo

Date: 1938
Description: Elevated view of men unloading trucks and equipment from a ship shortly after arrival in the African Congo. The equipment was used by Commander Atillio Gat...

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