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Dickey Chapelle Covering Operation Inland Seas

Date: 07 1959
Description: Dickey Chapelle, photographer, on the same Milwaukee beach where she learned to swim as a young girl. She was covering "Operation Inland Seas" celebrating ...

Dickey Chapelle in Vietnam

Date: 11 1964
Description: Dickey Chapelle on the Don Phuc command post, in front of a stack of sandbags, on the Vietnam-Cambodia frontier. Chapelle resided at this post for 34 days,...

Wisconsin National Guard

Date: 1887
Description: Members of the Wisconsin National Guard lined up at Camp Douglas.

Frank A. Haskell

Date: 1862
Description: Lt. Frank A. Haskell, adjutant of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry. In 1862 Haskell became aide-de-camp to General John Gibbon who commanded the Iron Brigade. Wh...

Abraham Lincoln Brigade

Date: 1937
Description: Five Wisconsin men who fought in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade in the Spanish Civil War. This was in Albacete, Spain. From left to right standing are: Fred P...

John Cookson

Date: 1937
Description: Posed portrait of Wisconsin man John Cookson wearing a helmet and holding a radio headset to his ear. This was during the Spanish Civil War.

McCormick Catalog Art

Date: 1894
Description: Color lithograph illustration on the back cover of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company catalog. Shows an American Revolutionary War battle scene. Also...

Killing of Registre Gagnier

Date: 1940
Description: Photograph of a painting by Cal Peters depicting the Winnebago attack on the Gagnier homestead in 1827 and the killing of Registre Gagnier. The homestead w...

Battle of Bad Axe

Description: Painting by Cal Peters depicting the battle of Bad Axe, also known as the Bad Axe massacre, at the Mississippi River on August 2, 1832.
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Combat between Indian Tribes

Date: 1852
Description: Illustration of the Ojibwa, the Sacs, and Foxes battling from canoes on the water.

Camp Randall

Date: 1861
Description: Christmas and New Years greeting card from Hosea W. Rood, presumably sent to his comrades of the 12th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, Company E, who had been...

George Washington Crossing the Delaware

Description: Engraving of George Washington and his troops rowing across an icy Delaware River to attack the British, from the painting by E. Leutze.

Airplane vs. Battleship

Date: 1913
Description: This photograph from the album of aviation pioneer Jesse Brabazon is described by him as the "first simulated bombing in history, using an aeroplane versus...

Inside Helicopter "Manhunt"

Description: This photograph labeled only as "Manhunt" by Milwaukee photographer Dickey Chapelle shows the interior of a helicopter used during the early stages of U.S....

Colonel Stephen V. Shipman

Description: Head and shoulders portrait of Colonel Stephen V. Shipman, F&S, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry.

Theordore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders

Date: 07 01 1898
Description: Illustration of Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders at San Juan Hill.

Helicopters in Korea

Date: 01 1953
Description: Infantry troops board helicopters for Korea via the 6th Transportation Helicopter Company, the first Army cargo helicopter unit in the combat zone. The 6th...

Executed Man

Date: 1957
Description: Executed man laying on ground as the final bullet is delivered. The execution was somehow bungled by the firing squad and this coup d'grace was required to...

Moseley's Bookstore Display Window

Date: 08 17 1930
Description: Moseley's Bookstore display window advertising the book and the movie "All Quiet On The Western Front." The movie was being shown at the RKO Capitol Theatr...
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Excelsior Harvesting Machines Catalog Cover

Date: 1887
Description: Cover of advertising catalog for the Excelsior line of harvesting machines manufactured by Hoover and Gamble. Features an illustration with the title: "Nap...

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