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La Follette on the Firing Line

Date: 04 1907
Description: Robert M. La Follette, Sr., addressing an audience of 12,000 in Los Angeles. The photograph is on the cover of a pamphlet entitled "La Follette On The Firi...

Silver Service on Display

Date: 10 26 1945
Description: The silver service, which was a gift of the State to the USS "Wisconsin," on display during the presentation ceremony.

The Silver Presentation Delegation

Date: 10 26 1945
Description: Members of the official Silver Presentation Delegation on board the USS "Wisconsin". Bottom left to right: Judge Rosenberry, Captain Roper, and Oscar Renne...

Silver Presentation Delegation and Wives

Date: 10 26 1945
Description: The official delegation party with their wives at the ceremony of silver service presentation aboard the USS "Wisconsin". Seated left to right are Judge Ro...

Justice Marvin B. Rosenberry

Date: 10 26 1945
Description: Justice Marvin B. Rosenberry leaving the stand after delivering the address presenting the Wisconsin Silver Service aboard the USS "Wisconsin".

U.S.S Wisconsin

Date: 10 26 1945
Description: Elevated view of the USS Wisconsin Silver Presentation ceremony, with the ship's guns in the foreground.

Neon Apothecary Sign

Date: 08 06 1940
Description: Modern neon sign and storefront of A.J. Affleck's Pharmacy.

Affleck Pharmacy Staff

Date: 08 06 1940
Description: Staff members of the Affleck Pharmacy stand behind the prescription pick-up counter. The proprietor, A.J. Affleck, is in the foreground.

"Suspicious Woman" Arrested by Police

Date: 1966
Description: San Francisco police arrest a "suspicious woman" and help her into an International Metro Wagon #689 truck during their Golden Gate beat.

Guide Dogs and Trainers from International Guiding Eyes, Inc.

Date: 1965
Description: Erich Renner, breeder for International Guiding Eyes putting seeing eye guide dogs through their paces. A blind woman works with one dog while three German...

Bing Crosby Getting Into International Scout Pickup

Date: 1964
Description: Actor and singer Bing Crosby getting out of a drizzling rain and into an International Scout 4x4 pickup during his 23rd Annual Pro-Amateur Golf Championshi...

Men Unloading Pane of Glass from International C-300 Truck

Date: 04 26 1938
Description: Two men unloading a pane of glass from an International C-300 truck with special streamlined body designed for transporting large panes of plate glass with...

Woman Delivering Treats from International C-300 Ice Cream Truck

Date: 01 14 1938
Description: Female employee of the Coast Ice Cream Company delivering baked goods with a special bakery cart taken from the back of a specially modified International ...

International TD-40 TracTracTor and Grader

Date: 11 30 1937
Description: Road construction workers using an International TD-40 TracTracTor (crawler tractor) and an Adams Model 4 grader owned by the City of Signal Hill.

T-20 TracTracTor and Subsoiler in Field

Date: 10 02 1934
Description: Man pulling a subsoiler with a McCormick-Deering T-20 TracTracTor (crawler tractor). A note with the original print reads: "not a McCormick-Deering subsoil...

Aerial View of Stockton Works

Description: Aerial view of International Harvester's Stockton Works. The factory was originally owned and operated by the Dyrr Manufacturing Company and was in operati...

International Metro Pepsi Delivery Truck

Date: 1956
Description: Color photograph of a delivery man unloading cases of bottled Pepsi (soda) from an International Metro truck in front of Ralph's Supermarket.

Young Girl on Farmall F-12 Tractor

Date: 10 27 1936
Description: Eighteen-year-old Juanita Washington operating a McCormick-Deering Farmall F-12 with attached plow. According to the original caption, Ms. Washington "regu...

Curtiss Aviation School Students

Date: 03 07 1912
Description: Students of the Curtiss School of Aviation on North Island moving a plane into position for a lesson.

Wright Brothers' Hydroplane

Date: 1912
Description: A hydroplane built by the Wright Brothers being tested by the U.S. Navy on San Diego Bay.

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