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McCue's Drugstore

Date: 1945
Description: Exterior view of McCue's Drugstore. In the window are drawings of drug specimens produced by a local botany class.

Meyer's Pharmacy Soda Fountain

Date: April 21 1942
Description: View of the soda fountain in Meyer's Pharmacy in Topeka. Advertisement premiums for Meadow Gold Ice Cream and Coca-Cola are featured prominently.

Druggist and Scale

Date: April 21 1942
Description: Druggist Stanley Meyers pauses while weighing a prescription on the pharmacy's scale.

Meyer's Pharmacy

Date: April 21 1948
Description: Exterior view of Meyer's Pharmacy.

Sundries Counter

Date: April 21 1942
Description: One of the customer service counters at Meyer's Pharmacy. The counter is stocked with a variety of personal grooming and cosmetic items, like hair oil. A s...

Titan 15-30 H.P. Tractor Pulling Three Grain Drills

Date: 1917
Description: Two farmers pulling three grain drills with an International 15-30 H.P. or Titan 12-25 tractor.

Kansas Equal Suffrage

Date: 1912
Description: Postcard with a man and woman putting their vote into a ballot box, touting equal suffrage: "For a better government of the people, by the people, and for...

Camera Crew Films Farmers Harvesting Corn

Date: September 20 1928
Description: Camera crew from the Cloud County Farm Bureau filming farmers harvesting corn with a Farmall tractor. An International truck used by the crew is parked to...

Blue Ribbon Rebuilt Tractors

Date: December 29 1938
Description: Two service technicians inspecting parts from a disassembled Farmall tractor. The men are taking part in International Harvester's blue ribbon rebuilt trac...

Farm Wife Brings Lunch to Her Husband in the Field

Date: 1970
Description: Ingrid Bengtson bringing lunch to the field to help her husband, Norman, get the planting done faster. They are having lunch on top of the McCormick Intern...

Westward the Star of Empire Takes its Way

Date: 1886
Description: Advertisement for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad featuring an illustration of Uncle Sam stretched from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean....

Wilkins 01: Fort Leavenworth

Date: May 1849
Description: Fort Leavenworth with trees, buildings and American flag. The fort was established by Colonel Henry Leavenworth to protect the Santa Fe trail against the I...

International School Bus

Date: May 12 1924
Description: Children riding an International school bus servicing Florence schools in Kansas.

International School Bus

Date: May 12 1924
Description: Two buses with children on board leaving a school in Quinter, Kansas. One is an International bus serving Quinter Consolidated schools. Three people are s...

McCormick-Deering No. 41 Harvester-Thresher in Field

Date: 1932
Description: Elevated view of a McCormick-Deering No. 41 harvester-thresher (combine) hitched to a tractor in a field. Original caption reads: "While the no. 41 is not...

Service Shop of International Harvester Dealership

Date: 1930
Description: Mechanic working on a tractor in the service station at T.A. Rhudy and Son, an International Harvester farm equipment and truck dealership.

12th Wisconsin Marching to Fort Riley

Date: April 24 1862
Description: Watercolor view of Manhattan, Kansas, from the bluff westward. The watercolor portrays the 12th Wisconsin Volunteers on their way to Fort Riley, on April...

12th Wisconsin Marching through Tecumseh

Date: April 1862
Description: Watercolor of the 12th Wisconsin Volunteers marching through on their way to Fort Riley, April 1862. Created by John Gaddis of Company E.

Fort Lincoln

Date: 1862
Description: Fort Lincoln, Kansas, when the 12th Wisconsin Volunteers arrived on their march from Fort Scott to Lawrence. A watercolor by John Gaddis of Company E.

12th Wisconsin in Topeka

Date: May 1862
Description: Topeka, Kansas, when the 12th Wisconsin Volunteers came marching through the town on their way to Fort Riley, May 1863. Watercolor by John Gaddis of E Com...

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