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Section Including Falls & Dam in Red-River

Date: 1864
Description: This map shows pictorially a section of bracketdam, section of tree dam, and crib of stone. This map was prepared by order of General Joseph Bailey and is ...

La Pharmacie Francaise Museum

Date: 1960
Description: Reproduction of the apothecary shop owned by Louis Dufilho, the first licensed pharmacist in the United States. Louisiana pioneered in regulating the profe...

Excursion Steamer Sidney on Mississippi River

Description: The sternwheel excursion, Sidney, on the Mississippi River at New Orleans. All three decks are full of passengers. Later named "Washington."

Bartender with McCormick-Deering 10 Can Cooler

Date: 1938
Description: Male bartender at Clyde Cockersham's Bar. The bar was equipped with a McCormick-Deering ten can cooler.

Children with Lecturer

Date: 1924
Description: At Louisiana State University, an instructor lectures a group of children on agriculture using charts prepared by International Harvester Company. The lect...

International Truck Hauling Hay along Country Road

Date: 07 14 1926
Description: International truck owned by Forestdale Farm hauling hay along a rural Louisiana road.

The Old Absinthe House

Date: 09 15 1928
Description: Street scene featuring the Old Absinthe House, a famous New Orleans establishment in the city's French Quarter. The building was built in 1806 by Pedro Fro...

Louisiana International Truck Dealership and Service Station

Date: 09 20 1938
Description: Dealership and service station of Younger Motor Truck Company. A station attendant is putting air in the tire of a car in the service area. Image printed i...

International Truck Dealer and Salesman

Date: 09 20 1938
Description: International dealer and a sales promotion man talking things over outside the Younger Motor Truck Company dealership building. The dealer, George Younger ...

Alexandria International Harvester Dealership

Date: 1929
Description: Elevated view of trucks and Fordson tractors parked in the street in front of the International Harvester dealership of the Alexandria International Compan...

Miles Orton Circus Personnel

Description: Personnel of the old Miles Orton Circus outside a tent in their 1891-92 New Orleans' quarters.

Unloading Barrels of Jax Beer from International truck

Date: 11 06 1933
Description: Men unloading barrels of Jax beer in front of the Ball Sandwich Stand in rural Louisiana. Jax beer was made by Jack's Brewing Company.

International Harvester New Orleans Twine Mill

Date: 1930
Description: International Harvester's New Orleans twine mill.

The Catholic Cathedral in New Orleans

Date: 1859
Description: On an excursion to the South in November 1859, H√∂lzlhuber made the three-day trip on the steamboat Planet from St. Louis to New Orleans. In the harb...

Newton H. Culver

Date: 04 1862
Description: Portrait of Newton H. Culver, Company C, 4th Wisconsin Cavalry, at 23 years of age.

Charles Baker

Date: 04 1862
Description: Portrait of Private Charles Baker, Company I, 4th Wisconsin Cavalry.

4th Wisconsin Cavalry Camp

Date: 10 25 1864
Description: The 4th Wisconsin Cavalry's camp.

Slave from New Orleans

Description: A carte-de-visite of a slave sitting with three children. The text at the bottom read: "Learning is Wealth. Wilson, Charley, Rebecca, & Rosa. Slaves from N...

New Orleans Street Scene

Description: New Orleans street scene. Pedestrians can be seen on the sidewalks, and a streetcar can be seen in the distance. "Moskau Cabinet Works, door and window scr...

View of the French Quarter

Description: Royal Street view toward an intersection of the French Quarter. Store signs displayed read: "The Model Store"; "Hats"; and "Peretti".

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