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Schwarz Druggists, Inc.

Date: 01 14 1944
Description: Exterior view of Schwarz Druggists, Inc.

"The Pharmacopeia and the Physician"

Date: 06 07 1937
Description: View of a U.S. Pharmacopeia exhibit titled: "The Pharmacopeia and the Physician", at the American Medical Association conference. The informational display...

"The New U.S. Pharmacopeia XII"

Date: 06 1942
Description: View of the U.S. Pharmacopeia's exhibit at the American Medical Association's 1942 Conference in Atlantic City, detailing the revisions and additions of va...

Nuns Examining an International Scout Truck

Date: 1965
Description: Nuns from Trenton are introduced to an International Scout truck by International Harvester Branch Manager Ziemer. The truck was given to the Sisters of Me...

Woman Boarding International Metro

Date: 1948
Description: Woman wearing a mink coat boarding an International Metro KB-3-M truck owned by Atlantic City Jitney Service.

New Jersey College of Pharmacy

Date: 1925
Description: View of the exterior of the New Jersey College of Pharmacy grounds.

International 54-C Dump Trucks

Date: 08 03 1928
Description: Two International 2 1/2 ton Model 54-C dump trucks parked along a curbside. The trucks were owned by S. Trimmer & Co. International Harvester produced 1,09...

Delivery Drivers Posing with International Newspaper Trucks

Date: 08 03 1928
Description: Four delivery drivers posing with three International trucks carrying publications (including "True Story") of the Essex County News Co., Inc.

Worker Tows Aircraft with I-12 Tractor

Date: 09 01 1936
Description: Airport worker towing an American Airlines airplane with an International I-12 industrial tractor at the Newark airport.

Thomas Alva Edison, Mechanical Genius

Date: 02 17 1913
Description: Portrait of Thomas Alva Edison in his lab where he worked on his "talking moving machine."

Woodrow Wilson at Shadow Lawn

Date: 10 28 1916
Description: Woodrow Wilson campaigning for his second term as president. He is wearing a leather finger protector due to injury from too many handshakes that accompani...

New Jersey International Harvester Dealership

Date: 05 24 1938
Description: International school buses and trucks lined up outside the dealership building of King Supply Co. The dealership also sold farm equipment and supplies.

Flying School

Date: 05 1917
Description: A ground school conducted by Princeton University for students who wished to enlist in the Army Air Service. During World War I most American aviators were...

Irene Castle and Vernon Castle in Uniform with German Shepherd Dog

Date: 08 21 1917
Description: Original caption:

"The above picture is the first that has been taken of Mrs. Vernon Castle and her soldier husband since he returned to this country aft...


C-124 Transport Airplane

Date: 05 01 1954
Description: Men of the 57th Infantry Division wait to begin loading on a C-124C "Globemaster II" for transport to their training site. The C-124, a development on the ...

Shoveling Coal in an International Delivery Truck

Date: 1936
Description: Man standing in the bed of an International coal delivery truck owned by Thos. J. Kearney Jr., Inc. The man is shoveling coal and the truck is backed up to...

Glenn Curtiss Airplane at Atlantic City

Date: 1910
Description: Elevated view of crowd gathered on the beach at Atlantic City to watch a Curtiss airplane being pushed on an inclined ramp leading to the boardwalk.

Wright Airplane at Atlantic City

Date: 07 1910
Description: A Wright airplane on the beach. Walter Brookins, who piloted the plane to a new altitude record, is thought to be the man in the hat near the center.

Brookins and Wright Airplane

Date: 07 1910
Description: Walter Brookins, a boyhood friend of the Wright Brothers, flying a Wright airplane over the ocean at Atlantic City. Brookins set numerous records for altit...

Glenn Curtiss Over the Ocean

Date: 07 1912
Description: Glenn Curtiss flying over the ocean. The pontoons under each wing illustrate the beginnings of his development of amphibious aircraft. The famous Steel Pie...

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