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Women with Farmall Tractor

Date: 1958
Description: Women wearing International Harvester cowboy hats are posing in front of a Farmall 460 Tractor.

Gettysburg Battleground

Date: 1863
Description: Stereograph of Gettysburg battlefield showing trees and a stump. Handwritten on reverse, "On the right of our line." This is probably a reference to the te...

Wisconsin Commission to Locate Monuments on the Gettysburg's Battlefield Site

Date: 05 1887
Description: Members of the Wisconsin commission to locate monuments gather on the battlefield at Little Round Top.

Eureka Mower Advertising Poster

Date: 1885
Description: Advertising poster for the Eureka Mower Company featuring color illustration of a well-dressed farmer riding a mower pulled by two horses. Trees, mountains...

Battle of Gettysburg Advertising Poster

Date: 1886
Description: Color lithographed color advertising poster showing a McCormick grain binder at the Civil War battle of Gettysburg. The poster was based on a cyclorama by ...

Pacifico and Petlovany Bakery Truck

Date: 1922
Description: International Harvester Model S truck with delivery body, Pacifico and Petlovany Bakery.

Iron Brigade Monument

Description: Gettysburg, Iron Brigade Monument.

Daniel Boone Birthplace

Description: Nathan Boone residence and birthplace of Daniel Boone.
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Advertisements for Knights of Labor Products

Date: 11 29 1888
Description: Advertisements for co-operative companies including Co-operative Collar and Cuff Company, Solidarity Watch Case Company and a tailoring company. They appea...

Interior of Hieber's Pharmacy

Date: 02 01 1947
Description: Many toiletries, medicines, and sundries fill the cabinets on both sides of Hieber's Drugstore. Traditional glass label bottles line the back wall behind t...

J.R. De Philip

Date: 02 02 1947
Description: Druggist J.R. De Philip, proprietor of Hieber's Drugstore, pauses while preparing a prescription in the dispensary.

Exterior of Hieber's Drugstore

Date: 02 01 1947
Description: Art Deco style storefront of Hieber's Drugstore.

Frank P. Stanish

Date: 02 01 1947
Description: Druggist Frank Stanish of Hieber's Drugstore measures and compounds a presciption.

Digitalis Exhibit

Date: 05 15 1935
Description: View of a U.S. Pharmacopeia Exhibit about a class of medications called 'digitalis' at the annual Philadelphia on Parade. Digitalis medicines are used to i...

Pharmacopeial Revision

Date: 05 05 1937
Description: View of an educational exhibit set up under the auspices of George Beal, for the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention, at the dedication of the Mellon Institute.

U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention

Date: 1910
Description: Members of the United States Pharmacopeial Convention of 1910 participate in an outdoor gathering.

Philadelphia Traffic Patrol Vehicles, Helicopters and Crew

Date: 1964
Description: Elevated view of four International Scouts, one patrol car, and two helicopters used by Atlantic Go Patrol, Philadelphia's traffic patrol.

International C1300 Water Truck for Horses

Date: 1967
Description: Man delivering water to a horse with an International C1300 (4x4) truck. The mobile water truck was owned by the Philadelphia Society for the Prevention of...

Men Moving Bust of "Mr. Musselman"

Date: 1963
Description: Five men preparing to lift a bust of "Mr. Musselman" with an International TD-6 crawler tractor and Drott high-lift bucket loader. The "Mr. Musselman" bust...

Dagger of Officer Renat

Date: 1812
Description: Dagger from an American officer of the war of 1812. Renat was a member of the naval fleet of the Great Lakes which was under the command Oliver Hazard Perr...

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