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Second Ward School House

Date: 1868
Description: Illustration of the exterior of the Second Ward School House, copied from the 1868 Madison City Directory.

Rockford Tractor

Date: 1918
Description: Man operating a Rockford(?) tractor with attached cultivator. The original caption reads: "Another competitive tractor, probably the Rockford. This trac...

Great Divide or Watershed Sign

Date: 1930
Description: Great Divide or watershed sign.

Kohlmann House

Description: View of the Friederich Kohlmann house, built in 1867. It is located on Highway 19, one mile east of Marxville.

Kierig-Babbitt Building in Bloomer

Date: 1956
Description: Kierig-Babbitt building, built in 1880.

Main Street Looking North from Forest Avenue

Description: Elevated view of the Lewis House. In the foreground men are sitting in horse-drawn wagons in the street.

Mound Marker

Date: 1936
Description: View of the panther intaglio effigy mound marker, located on Highway 106 West. The text on the marker reads, "Indian Intaglio Effigy; Panther Type, Length...

View of Gays Mills

Date: 1940
Description: View of Gays Mills from a bluff overlooking the town. A man sits on a fence in the foreground.

Doty Office

Date: 1880
Description: View of the J.D. Doty office. Doty served as agent for John Jacob Astor in promoting the village of Astor, later renamed Green Bay.

The Second First Presbyterian Church

Description: View of the church. A dusting of snow is on the church lawn. The church has a tall spire, and stained-glass windows with gothic arches. "First Presbyteria...

Fort Howard Hospital

Date: April 09 1934
Description: Fort Howard Hospital.

Curtin House

Date: 1940
Description: View of the Jeremiah Curtin house located at 8685 West Grange Avenue. This stone and stucco residence was erected in the mid-1830s by Irish immigrants Davi...

1st Wisconsin Infantry, Company C

Description: Five members of the 1st Wisconsin Infantry, Company C, who enlisted in 1861, were captured at the Battle of Chickamauga, and escaped together from a Confed...
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Beavers and their Dams

Date: 1859
Description: Color drawing of beavers working on and living at their dams.

Kenosha Cemetery

Date: 1900
Description: The exterior wall along the Kenosha cemetery.

John R. Commons in Suit

Date: 1895
Description: Candid portrait of John Commons posing in front of a lace curtain with his hands in his pockets. This may have been taken while he was at Syracuse Universi...

Grace Episcopal Church

Date: 1930
Description: A lithograph of the Grace Episcopal Church with the Wisconsin State Capitol in the background.

Spence's Observation Tower

Date: 1877
Description: View of Spence's observation tower with a group of people standing on its upper balcony.

The U.S. Hotel

Date: 1858
Description: The U.S. Hotel was constructed in 1852 by Hugh Phillips to be used for mercentile purposes, but later transformed into the hotel.

Levitan Building

Date: 1973
Description: The Levitan Building, 15 West Main Street. The detail over the entrance exhibits Egyptian architecture in the terra cotta details. The columns are copies o...

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