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Main Street, Looking North

Description: View down center of Main Street. Unidentified buildings are on the left, with a stack of barrels in front. A building with a public phone is next door. Two...

Main Street (Center Street)

Date: 1911
Description: View down Center Street. The caption on the image is incorrect. On the left are storefronts, including a millinery and stable. On the right, commercial bui...

The Pyramid Supper Club

Date: 1960
Description: Colorized postcard view of bartenders and group of people at an Egyptian-themed cocktail bar, the Pyramid Supper Club, in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

Main St., Breed, Wis.

Description: Photographic postcard view down the street towards the central business district; a post office, a gas pump and a bar. Two cars, a truck and some people ar...

Bruce, Wisconsin

Description: Color of Main Street. A Ben Franklin store, bank and Texaco Station are on the left. The right side is lined with bars. Cars are parked along both sides of...
Historical Object

Wisconsin Thematic Panel 267-280

Description: Everybody who lived should get a gold watch
for endurance
and a chain for hanging

Downtown Theresa

Date: 1975
Description: A view of downtown.

Carl Bandle

Date: February 1978
Description: Carl Bandle is the operator of the Bear's Den.

A Tavern in Theresa

Date: November 1991
Description: Theresa landmark disappeared over the weekend as part of the highway improvement plan. Originally built by Morris Lehner, the tavern and restaurant was a p...

Historic Tavern Demolished

Date: November 1991
Description: Landmark tavern in Theresa demolished to make way for highway improvement plan.

Raymond Bloomer, Marion Davies, and five other actors in a scene still

Date: 1919
Description: Jack Bronson (played by Raymond Bloomer) has been beaten senseless in an underworld bar. Violet Gray (played by Marion Davies dressed in a Salvation Army u...

The Normandie Bar — All White Leather

Description: Interior view of a tavern with an all white leather bar, and a stamped tin ceiling. Glasses, bottles of liquor and bags of chips and peanuts are on display...

Tree and the Poodle Restaurant and Bar

Date: May 18 1960
Description: A live oak tree is moved into "The Tree and the Poodle" restaurant and bar on State Street next to the Orpheum Theater in Madison. The McDonald Tree Expert...

Cafe Interior

Date: 1916
Description: Interior of the Vienna Cafe at the Milwaukee Bazaar.

Corner of Main and Fourth Streets in La Crosse

Date: 1905
Description: A view of Main street, looking east from Fourth Street. It is interesting to note that "The Largest Whiskey House" saloon is located next door to a drug st...

Corner of Carroll and Main Streets

Date: 1954
Description: View of the corner of Carroll and West Main Streets downtown. The Park Hotel occupies the large building. The Prescription Pharmacy, the Park Hotel Barber...

Semi-Centennial Arch

Date: 1898
Description: Decorated arch erected on State Street as part of the Semi-Centennial celebration of statehood. The arch bears a representation of Commodore Dewey's victor...

Columbus Day Parade in Wausau

Date: 1892
Description: View of a large Columbus Day parade from Jackson and Third Streets. In the extreme right foreground is Conrad Althen's Store, and the Anderson and Larson S...

Downtown Shattuck

Date: 1909
Description: View of horse-drawn traffic in downtown Shattuck. Businesses on the left side of the street include the "White House," a saloon, and the Davis Drug company...


Date: 2012
Description: A neon sign with a bottle of Miller Lite for the "i" spells “Pride” in the window of the "Chances R" gay bar on Jay Street. The word "Pride" is underlined...

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