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War Correspondents Socializing

Date: November 01 1942
Description: A group of war correspondents enjoy a beverage together at Port Moresby, New Guinea (present day Papua New Guinea). They are dressed in uniform. Identified...

Menu for Farewell Dinner on Board R.M.S. Volendam

Date: January 22 1939
Description: Exterior and page from the interior of the menu for the farewell dinner aboard the R.M.S. Volendam, with party streamers and dinner guests in formal...

Frings and Ouellette Wedding

Date: June 1953
Description: Party following the Frings and Ouellette wedding. The photographer reported "the party is getting raucous".

Raymond Bloomer, Marion Davies, and five other actors in a scene still

Date: 1919
Description: Jack Bronson (played by Raymond Bloomer) has been beaten senseless in an underworld bar. Violet Gray (played by Marion Davies dressed in a Salvation Army u...

George P. Merrill Dinner Menu

Date: December 15 1888
Description: Menu page and back cover for a "Dinner tendered Geo. P. Merrill by Chas. H. Wheeler," with a handwritten menu with wines and spirits in red, and colored pe...

Orchard Toast

Date: 1910
Description: Posed line of alternating men and women in an orchard standing drinking cider of beer drawn from a keg in the center. Three young children are sitting on t...

Heinie's Beer Bottle Display

Date: 1937
Description: Display of a glass of beer, and a bottle of Heinie's Old Lager Beer bottle, and a bottle of Heinie's Strong Beer. There are cigarettes in an ashtray, flowe...

Reopening of Hillsboro Brewery

Date: November 12 1939
Description: Outdoor group portrait of portion of the crowd attending the Reopening of the Hillsboro Brewery by C.H. Pfeiffer. Members of the band stand in the backgrou...

Two Native American Men Drinking and Smoking

Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of two Native American men posing sitting and holding the same glass over a table.

Trujillo and Green Toast

Date: 1939
Description: Rafael Trujillo, dictator of the Dominican Republic sharing a toast with Senator Theodore Green, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Gale Manufacturing Co. Advertising Card

Date: 1878
Description: Front and back of advertising card for the New Gale Chilled Plow. On the front is a color illustration of a man sitting at the base of a tree pulling the t...

R.M.S. Nieuw Amsterdam Assembly Dinner Menu

Date: May 04 1948
Description: Assembly Dinner menu from the Holland-America Line R.M.S. Nieuw Amsterdam, with revelers in dress suits and party frocks walking and holding drinks...

Playing Cards

Date: December 1906
Description: Sarah Krueger and Henry Bigalk playing cards at a table set up outdoors next to the porch. Henry is smoking a pipe and has a large bottle of alcohol sticki...

Henry Bigalk Playing Cards with Himself

Date: December 1906
Description: Double exposure image of Henry Bigalk playing cards with himself at a table placed outside next to the porch. Alcohol bottles, cards, a mug, and a bag of t...

Get Thee Behind Me, [Mrs.] Satan!

Date: February 17 1872
Description: Political cartoon depicting a woman on a rocky path carrying two children and a drunken husband on her back being tempted by Victoria Woodhull depicted as...

Lynn Fontanne, Noel Coward, and Alfred Lunt

Date: April 19 1970
Description: Lynn Fontanne, Sir Noel Coward, and Alfred Lunt seated at a table in the Pyrenees Restaurant after the Tony Awards presentations at which Lunt and Fontanne...

Group Picnicking

Description: Outdoor view of a man standing and drinking from a bottle next to a picnic table. Women and girls are sitting are sitting at the picnic table, and one of t...

Pouring Beer at the Miller Brewery

Date: 1953
Description: William R. "Bill" Kinney (1912-1978; second from left) and friends enjoy a beer at the Miller Brewery. Bill and his brother Howard Kinney owned the White F...

Sailors in a Bar

Date: 1942
Description: Two sailors and two women are seated at a table smoking cigarettes and drinking beer, while another woman stands playing an accordion for them. Around the...

J. Auermuller Restaurant and Saloon

Date: 1902
Description: Exterior view from unpaved street of a group of men enjoying mugs of beer while standing at the front entrance of J. Auermuller Restaurant and Saloon. Two...

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