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Log Cabin with N.G. Willard Family

Date: September 09 1895
Description: Log cabin of N.G. Willard on 80 acres of land. Two women, a young child, and an infant are posing outdoors in the yard. Laundry is hanging on lines on the...

IH Dealership in Oskaloosa

Date: 1939
Description: Exterior view of the Oskaloosa Implement Company, an International Harvester dealership. A group of men and young boys pose near a Farmall A Tractor, and o...

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Date: 1905
Description: A man crouches down for a close look at a 1905 model Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Sam Schuster Residence

Date: July 20 1927
Description: View from street of the front of the home of Sam Shuster at 333 West Washington Avenue.

Central Parking Garage Exterior

Date: December 01 1932
Description: Exterior front view of the Central Parking Garage at 13-15 South Webster Street showing four gas pumps in front. Property owned by George Gill, business op...

Purcell Garage

Date: February 04 1943
Description: Six Chevrolet automobiles (possibly taxies) and 10 drivers holding pledge cards outside the side entrance to Friede Storage Garage (previously known as Pur...

Riley-Bremer-Riley Garage

Date: October 11 1930
Description: The Riley-Bremer-Riley Oldsmobile garage on E. Doty Street began as the Riley Livery Stable when horse-drawn transportation reigned and then transitioned t...

Bicycle Repair

Date: May 23 1957
Description: Three young men repair a bicycle.

Young Children Play in Squalid Alley

Date: 1925
Description: Three young children playing with a wagon in a squalid alley between rows of impoverished houses. Trash and rubble litter the alley.

Home-Built Heath

Date: 1932
Description: Ray and Carl Breecher's Heath parasol monoplane while still under construction in their father's garage. Despite extensive modification, the plane crashed...

Wrecked Plymouth Automobile

Date: March 08 1945
Description: Damaged Plymouth automobile (owned by Raymond White) in O.C. Harris Co. garage on Highways 12-18-51.

Houses on Keyes Avenue

Date: January 08 1936
Description: View from street towards two houses, 2249 and 2253 on Keyes Avenue. Snow is on the ground.

Governor La Follette's New Chauffeur

Date: January 12 1935
Description: Governor La Follette's new chauffeur, Steve Tschida, in the garage standing next to the car.

Residing House 412 W. Mifflin Street

Date: October 22 1934
Description: View from street of the workers re-siding a house at 412 W. Mifflin Street. A neighboring house is on the right. An automobile is parked in front of the ga...

Charter Street Garage

Date: September 27 1934
Description: Charter Street Garage 18 N. Charter Street, with employees of the business standing with customers' cars in for service.

Brady Garage

Date: October 04 1933
Description: Interior view of the J.A. Brady Garage, 1307-1309 Williamson Street, owned by John A. Eichman, with a sedan on the hoist and a coupe on floor. The brakes o...

Avenue Food Shop

Date: April 12 1933
Description: Avenue Food Shop, 546 W. Washington Avenue, showing alley and garage.

Wrecked Automobile

Date: July 27 1931
Description: Essex automobile in the repair shop after a crash on July 26 that killed the passengers — Edna Edge (Mrs.Clarence Edge) and Irving "Ole" Brown, WIBA entain...

Automobile Driving Contest Winner

Date: August 29 1930
Description: Lyman Sylvester of 1818 Keyes Avenue, the winner of the automobile economy driving contest, stands next to a Chevrolet Six automobile outside Hult's Capita...

Wrecked Pontiac Coupe

Date: April 28 1928
Description: Wrecked Pontiac coupe in a garage.

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