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Automobile Accident on County Trunk M

Date: April 15 1934
Description: Onlookers surveying damage from a fatal two-car collision. The view is looking south on County Trunk Highway M, between Speedway Road and Middleton. In the...

Rural Automobile Accident

Date: August 18 1939
Description: View from front of Capital City Culvert Company automobile involved in an accident with a Phillips Produce Company egg truck at the intersection of County...

East Wilson Street

Date: January 08 1946
Description: 300 block of East Wilson Street looking southwest down the center of East Wilson Street from South Hancock Street intersection, taken at site of Reynolds B...

Frank Lloyd Wright — Choles Crash

Date: November 13 1933
Description: Frank Lloyd Wright's 1929 L29 Cord Phaeton automobile and an overturned Choles Floral Company delivery truck, driven by Frost Choles, at an accident scene...

Car Crash

Date: June 12 1932
Description: Car accident on County Trunk K that killed four members of the Price family. The scene was photographed for the Dane County coroner.

Traffic Accident

Date: October 12 1934
Description: Automobile and truck accident at the corner of Milton Street and West Washington Avenue in the Greenbush neighborhood. A crowd has gathered to observe the...

Traffic Accident

Date: October 12 1934
Description: Automobile and truck crash at the corner of Milton and West Washington Avenue in the Greenbush neighborhood. Houses in the 600 block of Milton Street are i...

Car Wreck

Date: May 17 1956
Description: Aftermath of automobile accident. The cars plunged 17 feet over an embankment. Both drivers walked away from the crash. Onlookers look down from the embank...

Winnebago Street from Yahara River Bridge

Date: January 09 1946
Description: Winnebago Street from the Yahara River Bridge, scene of accident, near railroad crossing. There is a Victorian house at left, 1628 Winnebago Street, with a...

Damaged Greyhound Bus

Date: April 16 1945
Description: Following an accident, a Greyhound Lines bus displays a gaping hole near the driver's seat.

Damaged Greyhound bus

Date: April 16 1945
Description: Close-up view of gaping hole in the side of a Greyhound bus following an accident.

Wrecked Plymouth Automobile

Date: March 08 1945
Description: Damaged Plymouth automobile (owned by Raymond White) in O.C. Harris Co. garage on Highways 12-18-51.

Wrecked Packard Sedan

Date: January 02 1939
Description: Close-up of wrecked Packard sedan in garage.

Wrecked Frank Fruit Co. Truck

Date: March 01 1945
Description: A Frank Fruit Co. truck sits in a garage after a traffic accident that destroyed the front end of the vehicle.

Zimmerman and Brayton

Date: May 27 1941
Description: Secretary of State Fred R. Zimmerman and Robert "Bob" Brayton, Public Relations Director or the American Automobile Association. They are standing in front...

Highway Accident Scene

Date: June 03 1940
Description: Accident scene on Highway 51, about 6 miles southeast of Stoughton. Damaged Ford is in foreground and Pontiac in background.

Truck Wreck

Date: June 22 1935
Description: A crowd of people views the remains of a Keystone Fuel & Material Co. truck after it was crushed by a Milwaukee Road train, near the Brittingham Park cross...

Automobile Accident

Date: November 30 1934
Description: View across street towards a group of people looking at the automobile driven by W.B. Peterson which climbed the concrete abutment guarding a safety island...

Car Wreck, East Johnson Street

Date: August 27 1934
Description: Two men are looking at a damaged automobile belonging to Elmer Meixner, DeForest, after a collision with a Milwaukee Road train at the East Johnson Street...

Car Wreck, Sun Prairie Road

Date: August 03 1934
Description: View down road towards a group of people looking at an overturned automobile belonging to Fred Swanson. Fred and Norma Swanson, Dorothy Thompson, Edward an...

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