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Old Mill Erected About 1850

Date: 1925
Description: Ruins of the Old Mill, a stone building which has no roof and is missing window glass. Behind on the left is an abandoned shed.

Fish About to Fly

Date: 1912
Description: Farnum Fish, the California-born "boy aviator," about to take off in his two-seat Wright Model B during a flying exhibition at the Wisconsin State Fairgrou...

Old Stone House Erected About 1800 for an Indian School

Date: 1909
Description: Photographic postcard view of a stone house with a group of people standing on the porch. Wood and barbed wire fencing is in the front yard.

"South Pacific" Actors Learn About Naval Weapons

Date: March 1960
Description: Madison men who play naval officers in the play "South Pacific" learn about naval weapons by visiting the Naval Reserve Officers Training corps (NROTC) hea...

Skiers about to Ski Down Slope

Description: Winter scene looking down a hill towards skiers about to ski on the Capital Mississippi Alps near La Crosse, Wisconsin. La Crosse is in the background, and...

Ford Model T Runabout

Date: 1925
Description: Right side view of a Ford Model T Runabout parked in the middle of East Washington Avenue. On the right side of the street in the background is the Fashion...

Newspaper Carriers Hear About Young Columbus Contest

Date: January 18 1964
Description: Wisconsin State Journal newspaper carriers listen to Vern Wiersma, 17 N. Butler Sreet, 1963 Young Columbus winner, explain the Young Columbus contest for c...

Frederick Layton at Sea ??not sure about the St. Paul reference

Date: 1891
Description: Frederick Layton standing on deck smoking a cigar while at sea in a Kodak #2 camera portrait by T.W. Ingersoll from St. Paul, Minnesota. The photographer's...

Kate Schloesser, About Civil War Time

Date: 1865
Description: Carte-de-visite quarter-length vignetted portrait of Katherine Schloesser (later Estabrook), dated via caption to "about Civil War time." Schloesser was a...

Nurse Instructs Mothers about Shoes

Date: 1937
Description: A nurse instructs two mothers about baby shoes.

Cyclists About to Race

Description: Four cyclists await the start of a race at the Jackson County Fairgrounds. There is a viewing pavilion on the right.

Inch School About To Be Moved

Date: 1957
Description: Inch School No. 6 blocked up to be moved to Lodi.

Questions about Christmas Gifts

Date: December 30 1953
Description: Helen Jansky, head of the circulation department at the Madison Free Library, displays a few of the books used to help library patrons use their Christmas...

Woman About to Dive

Date: 1920
Description: A woman dressed in a bathing suit, shoes and cap is about to dive off of a pier into the water. A rowboat is tethered on the right. Trees can be seen on th...

In and About the Dells of the Wisconsin River — On the Way to Stand Rock #90

Description: Stereographic view of Bennett's crew hauling a portable darkroom through a pond of water. They are on their way to Stand Rock.

In and About the Dells of the Wisconsin River — Stand Rock, Showing Top #86

Description: Three hunters and their dog posing on the top of Stand Rock.

In and About the Dells of the Wisconsin River — Stand Rock, Showing Top #86

Date: June 24 1878
Description: Stereograph of three men at the top of Stand Rock. One man stands holding his rifle while the two others sit.

Gaylord Nelson Speaking about ORAP

Date: 1961
Description: Governor Nelson seated and speaking into microphones about his Outdoor Recreation Action Program (ORAP), the 1961 proposal for Wisconsin land purchase and...

Telephone Survey About Cancer

Date: March 14 1958
Description: Members of the Dane County Medical Society, the Methodist Hospital Nurses' Alumnae Association, and the Dane County Unit of the American Cancer Society pre...
Map or Atlas

Map Part Town Menasha and City: Also City of Neenah and Town, Showing Part About Lake Butte des Mortes & Doty Island, Locating Outagamie and Winnebago Villages, Winnebago County, Wisconsin

Date: August 24 1899
Description: Pen-and-ink and color on paper. Also shows probable routes of the French explorers Constant le Marchand de Lignery in 1728 and Louis de la Porte de Louvign...

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