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Crusade for Citizenship Flyer

Date: 1958
Description: A flyer advertising the Crusade for Citizenship on February 12, 1958. An illustration shows men and women voting. Text reads, in part: "20 cities will hold...

Elijah Hinkson with Buck

Description: A man wearing a hat and suit is posing in front of a building and holding a buck, which appears to be dead. The man is holding the buck by its antlers and...

F.R. Foster

Date: 1908
Description: A man is posing with his rifle and two killed deer hanging from a beam in a tree. In the background is a large house. Caption reads: "F.R. Foster and the t...

First Deer

Date: November 23 1987
Description: A teenage boy is posing in the back seat of a vehicle with a dead deer, which is partially concealed under a tarp. Caption reads: "FIRST DEER - Ryan Sherma...
Historical Object

With The Season's Greetings

Description: Holiday greeting card with a young girl holding a basket, and sprigs of holly and berries. The card has blue fringe around the edges.
Historical Object

With Loving Christmas Greetings

Description: Die cut Christmas greeting card with flowers on the top left, and text in gold on a white background that reads: 'With loving Christmas greetings."

Front Gate, Wis. State Prison, Waupun Wis.

Date: 1915
Description: Slightly elevated view of the front gate at the Wisconsin State Prison, taken from inside the prison grounds. In the foreground is the walkway to the gate...

Mississippi Scenic Highway Between Winona, Minn. and La Crosse, Wis.

Description: Colortone postcard view towards a bend in a highway. The Mississippi River can be seen in the distance. To the right of the highway is a large field with a...
Historical Object

J.J. Findorff & Sons

Date: 1914
Description: Twelve photographs and one letterhead are mounted on a board with captions. The photographs cover the time before and after a fire in 1909 when the company...

Life is a Breeze

Date: February 17 1981
Description: Overhead view of a man hanging clothes on a clothesline, while holding a clothespin in his mouth. Snow is on the ground. Caption reads: "LIFE IS A BREEZE —...

Gladys Krause Washing Windows

Date: March 13 1979
Description: A woman is leaning out over the top of a double-hung window in order to wash the window exterior with rags. Caption reads: "Monday brought temperatures tha...

Little Mower, Big Helper

Date: April 24 1983
Description: A man is mowing a lawn with a gas-powered mower. Behind him is a boy pushing a toy lawn mower. This photograph has two accompanying captions. The April 24,...

Joyce Rhoades Washing Storm Windows

Date: November 04 1983
Description: A woman is washing several windows that are leaning against the side of a building. Front of image is captioned: "Joyce Rhoades of Merrillan, WI. washed st...

Ella Tillstrom and Emma Bowman

Description: Two women are standing next to wash basins indoors. Behind them are two closed doors and a coat rack. In the foreground is a teakettle. Caption reads: "Ell...

Problem Solved

Date: January 04 1978
Description: A man on a ladder is using a snow rake to rake his roof. The ladder is propped against the portico of his house. Caption reads: "PROBLEM SOLVED — Homeowner...

Mrs. Meade with Electronic Kitchen Devices

Date: 1929
Description: A woman is standing at a sink in a kitchen; next to it is a dishwasher. Behind her is a cooking range. Caption on rear of photograph reads: "Mrs. Chas. Mea...
Map or Atlas

Barker Lake Map

Date: 1972
Description: A map of the Barker Lake quadrangle.

Telecamera Postcard

Date: September 06 1948
Description: A postcard advertising the invention of the telecamera by William Pitt Fessenden in 1941 in Phlox, Wisconsin.

Woolen Mills, Monticello Wis.

Date: 1950
Description: View across water towards the Historic Monticello Woolen Mill. There are many windows on the mill building, and some of them are open. Other buildings are...

Advanced Dressing Station

Date: September 01 1918
Description: Soldiers adorning the grave of a fallen comrade at the advanced dressing station, the farthest point to which ambulances would travel. A sign on an ambulan...

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