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March On, Milwaukee

Educator Resources on the Milwaukee Fair Housing Marches for Grades K-12
Learn about the Society's ongoing partnership with March On, Milwaukee to commemorate the fair housing movement and to promote education on local topics.
Organizational Description

About the Local Area Research Center Network

Wisconsin Local Area Research Centers (ARCs) provide access to local government records, original manuscript collections and other resources.
Classroom Material

Education Materials for Remembering the Holocaust

Teaching the Holocaust with survivors' oral histories
Classroom Material

Wisconsin Firsts and Other Famous Facts

See a list of historical highlights from Wisconsin history
Classroom Material

History and Critical Thinking Handbook

Use the 'History and Critical Thinking Handbook" to help guide your students to deeper and more meaningful connections to the past.
Classroom Material

Freedom Summer Presentation (Power Point)

Introduce students to Freedom Summer with this overview of key events. Each slide contains images of original documents and notes to help guide discussion
Classroom Material

What to Know About Polio

Limping Through Life: A Farm Boy's Polio Memoir
Useful facts about polio and post-polio syndrome
Classroom Material

Civil Rights Movement Lesson Plans

from Tools for Teaching the History of Civil Rights in Milwaukee and the Nation (Madison, WI: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, 2015)
Online Exhibit

That's the Ticket! A Parade of Presidential Elections

Learn about America's presidential elections since 1856 and discover how Wisconsin voted.

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