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Walking and Talking Robot

Date: February 15 1957
Description: John Fischer, age 11, demonstrates his invention, a "walking and talking" robot. The robot's eyes light up, and it rolls back and forth on a platform.

Season Ticket Sorting

Date: September 25 1956
Description: A man and two women with piles of paper tickets being sorted for the upcoming theater season at the Fred Miller theater.

Baptism at Trinity Lutheran Church

Date: February 09 1958
Description: The Reverend Erwin G. Tieman baptizes infants as part of a Lutheran crusade for Christ evangelism.

One-Armed Woodworker

Date: February 14 1958
Description: Elmer J. Schmidt makes furniture and toys in his woodshop even though he has only one arm to work with.

Shy Guy

Date: February
Description: Crowned queen and king of Valentine's Day celebrate over a card.

Outdoor News Portrait of Timothy Vick

Date: September 23 1959
Description: Outdoor news portrait of Timothy Vick of 3957 North 63rd Street, Milwaukee. News photo made in connection with a murder case; the murderer, going door-to-d...

Ballerinas in a Wooded Glen

Date: 1958
Description: Girls of a visiting ballet company, in costume, posed in a rocky wooded glen along a stream.

Boys Playing Soldier

Date: 1957
Description: Residential street with three boys playing “soldier”.

Studious Student

Date: 1957
Description: High school student, Judith Castine, leaning on a desk, studying at West Milwaukee High School.

Marine Dance

Date: November 11 1958
Description: A man in uniform and a woman are standing together looking at each other; behind them is a cake on a table with frosting that reads: "U.S. Marines" and has...

A Good Stretch

Date: June 16 1958
Description: A boy is sitting up in bed and stretching with his mouth open, possibly in a yawn. Caption reads: "A good stretch after a long sleep and Robin Richards, 7,...

Hotel Room Dedication

Date: September 04 1958
Description: A man wearing a suit and bow tie is standing at a podium, speaking and gesturing with his hands. A lectern scarf is draped over the podium with the word "P...

M.A. Jochimsen

Date: October 08 1957
Description: A man and woman sitting in a stadium. Caption reads: "Pleased (to put it mildly) with the way the Braves were playing, Dr. and Mrs. M.A. [Marvin A....

Mr. and Mrs. Ignatius Zavatterri

Date: July 13 1958
Description: Portrait of a man and woman posing together while sitting on a sofa. A framed artwork is hanging on the wall behind them. Caption reads: "Mr. and Mrs. Igna...

Virgin Forest

Date: 1950
Description: A man snowshoeing in an old growth forest.

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