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Portrait of Clara St. Cyr and Lucy Davis

Date: 1900
Description: Full-length studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of two smiling Ho-Chunk (Winnebago) women identified as Clara St. Cyr, a Nebraska Winnebago, lef...

Moline Universal Tractor

Date: 1918
Description: Man operating a Moline Universal tractor. Another man is standing in the left foreground.

Abraham Mishegand or Mishicott

Description: Portrait of Potawatomi Indian, Michicott.

Christine Gesell and Son Arnold Gesell

Date: 1880
Description: Oval studio portrait of Christine Gesell, the photographer's wife, and son Arnold Gesell. Caption on reverse reads "1/2 yr - 1 yr."

Mr. and Mrs. Hans O. Hawkas

Date: 1877
Description: Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Hans O. Hawkas of Bonnet Prairie Lutheran Church taken outdoors in front of a canvas backdrop. There is a carpet on the ground. Mr...

Jens Myhra and Bergit Myhra

Date: 1879
Description: Seated portrait of Jens Myhra and Bergit Myhra.

Couple in Norwegian Clothes

Date: 1875
Description: Portrait of a couple in old-style Norwegian clothes, with the woman holding a book on her lap.

Lawrence College Memorial Chapel

Date: 1925
Description: Lawrence College, now Lawrence University, Memorial Chapel.

Trimpey House

Date: 1930
Description: Exterior of the residence of Edwin B. and Alice Kent Trimpey, showing front entrance with columns, with a porch and plants above. A cat looks out of the wi...

Log Cabin

Date: 1932
Description: View of a log cabin in Colonel Heg Memorial Park.

Philip La Follette in the Army

Date: 1918
Description: Philip La Follette (right), doing paperwork while in the Army during the First World War, 1918. He was a Second Lieutenant infantry instructor in Oklahoma.

School Building, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

Date: 1907
Description: View of the west side of the first school building on the hill.

Children Posing with Swings

Description: Studio portrait of two girls and a boy posed with a swing in front of a painted backdrop. One girl sitting on the swing, one girl sitting on the ground, an...

Girl Standing near Chair

Description: Studio portrait of a girl standing and leaning on the back of a stuffed chair in front of a painted backdrop. Probably Joan Olson, the daughter of Pete Ols...

Past Commanders in Chief, GAR

Description: Portraits of the former Commanders in Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Man Facing Framed Question Mark

Date: 1929
Description: F.J. Wolfe stands with his back toward the camera while looking at a framed picture of a question mark hanging on a wall. The original typewritten caption ...

Sacking the Rapids

Date: 1890
Description: Log driving crew maneuvering logs through rapids below a dam, probably on the Wisconsin River.


Date: 1937
Description: Holiday card with a branch of pink and red berries and green leaves over a metallic silver disc. The word "Greetings" appears below. Letterpress.

A Valentine For Teacher

Date: 1935
Description: Valentine's Day card for a teacher. A scene of a schoolhouse with a belfry surrounded by trees, lawn and a fence. Schoolchildren are in the schoolyard carr...

Joe Paris

Date: 1916
Description: A candid, outdoor portrait of Joe Paris, the camp cook.

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