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Sharing a Drink of Water

Date: July 20 1987
Description: A little girl offers her place at a fountain to a large Newfoundland-mix dog who takes a drink on a hot day.

Curtiss-Wright Field

Date: March 17 1931
Description: A scene at Curtiss-Wright Field in Milwaukee. Pictured are Arthur D. Gaspar, a Waukesha funeral director, and Paul Trier, the pilot of the Curtiss Thrush....

Coffee Club

Date: 1950
Description: Two men clink coffee mugs as they prepare to drink their morning coffee.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Description: Portrait of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Bartlett Memorial Historical Museum Sign

Date: 1962
Description: Entrance marker to the museum.


Date: 1955
Description: View of a church with gravestones in the foreground.

Gunboat on Ohio River

Date: March 13 1862
Description: View down railroad tracks of the gunboat "Cinncinati" guarding Union approaches to Cairo on the Ohio River.

General Augustus Gaylord at Table

Description: General Augustus Gaylord (seated right), the Adjutant-General of Wisconsin. Caption reads: "Quotas and Credits."

Stockbridge Indian Mission

Date: 1835
Description: Drawing of the Stockbridge Indian Mission, built in about 1834.

McCarthy Debates a Point

Date: May 24 1954
Description: During the Army-McCarthy Hearings, Senator Joseph R. McCarthy replies to a Presidential statement that the executive responsibility cannot be usurped by an...

South Hall

Date: 1929
Description: View across Bascom Hill of South Hall on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Woman Assembling Nail Box with Teacher

Date: August 1919
Description: A woman, probably a teacher, is standing at a work bench outdoors nailing together a nail box. Her instructor, identified by original caption as Mr. Shephe...

Demonstration on Rope Tying

Date: 1919
Description: Rope tying demonstration for a group of rural school teachers. Original caption reads: "County Supt. Tobin, Country Life Director, and rural school teacher...

Reviewing Nailbox Assembly

Date: August 1919
Description: Two women and one man, probably rural school teachers, are standing outdoors near a work bench, reviewing the blueprints to construct a nail box.

Newspaper Speakeasy

Description: A keg of Prohibition Era beer in the darkroom of the "Milwaukee Sentinel" being enjoyed by newspapermen: (left to right) Red Thisted, Eddie Oroth, Guy Hels...
Book or Pamphlet

Remy Governor-Generator

Date: 1917
Description: Interior spread of an advertising booklet produced by the Remy Electric Company's Tractor Equipment Division depicting a labeled cross-section of a Governo...

Large Talus Rocks

Date: 1920
Description: View towards hillside with an outcropping of large talus rocks surrounded by trees near Castle Rock village. In the foreground is what appears to be a dirt...

Donald A. Buchanan in Profile

Date: August 03 1957
Description: News portrait of Donald A. Buchanan of Minneapolis. Buchanan, then living at the Rescue Mission in Milwaukee, was overcome by gas while he was trying to re...

Wisconsin Historical Society Office

Description: Photographs illustrating the general history of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Included are interior and exterior views of facilities and build...

Commercial Art for Cecil's Sandals

Description: Pen and ink drawing of a man with a large nose looking down at his feet. He is wearing sandals. Caption reads: "He Nose Comfort and Health from Head to Toe...

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