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Edward A. Birge

Date: 1917
Description: Edward A. Birge and Chancey Juday with plankton trap in Lake Mendota. From album of photographs relating to the research in limnology conducted at Trout La...
Historical Object

Limnology Apparatus

Date: 1890
Description: Apparatus for limnological research conducted at Trout Lake, Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Limnological Research on Ice

Description: Dr. Edward Birge, March, and Professor Chancey Juday with the first mud thermometer on the ice.

Dr. E.A. Birge Reading Sun Machine in Car

Description: Dr. Edward Ashael Birge reading a sun machine inside a car. In 1875 Dr. Birge first came to teach natural history at the University of Wisconsin, and remai...

Dr. Birge on Trout Lake

Description: Dr. Edward Ashael Birge paddling on a raft in Trout Lake. In 1875 Dr. Birge first came to teach natural history at the University of Wisconsin, and remaine...

E.A. Birge Reading an Anemometer

Date: 1912
Description: Dr. E.A. Birge in his element, reading an anemometer of the weather data station on Green Lake.

Equipment at Trout Lake Station

Date: 1929
Description: Dr. E.A. Birge's equipment at his Trout Lake Station laboratory.

Baum And Hasler

Date: 1933
Description: Baum and Hasler building lime floats at Trout Lake.

Birge and Juday on the Ice

Description: Dr. Edward Birge (left) and Chancey Juday (center) do limnology research on the ice with a mud thermometer.

Group Portrait

Date: 1934
Description: A group of scientists posing together for a group portrait. E.A. Birge is the first man on the right, and Chancey Juday is in the center of the group, sixt...

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