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Minnie May Rumsey Holding Baby Jeannette Holt

Date: July 25 1896
Description: Minnie May Rumsey is smiling and holding her niece Jeannette Holt. The baby is looking at the camera. An architectural column and foliage are in the backgr...

Adoring Baby Jeannette Holt

Date: July 25 1896
Description: Three of Lucy Rumsey Holt bridesmaids and her mother Mary Mathilda Axtell Rumsey are adoring baby Jeannette Holt. This picture was taken on Lucy and W.A. H...

Alfred Holt Wagging

Date: July 1899
Description: Alfred Holt is leaning on a toy wagon with wooden wheels at grandmother Holt's home, which was known as "The Homestead." The address of the Devillo and Ell...

Lucy Rumsey at the Harp

Date: 1894
Description: Lucy Rumsey is sitting with her concert harp in a home setting. She appears ready to play. There are arched doorways, a chandelier, and a fireplace in the...

Baby Jeannette Holt with Extended Family

Date: 1896
Description: A group of Holt and Rumsey family members (3 generations) and others are gathered on the porch of The Evergreens, the Rumsey estate, to see baby Jeannette...

Driving the Horse and Carriage

Date: 1896
Description: Holding the whip, Lucy Rumsey Holt is driving the carriage with Minnie May Rumsey sitting beside her. The Evergreens, the Rumsey estate is in the backgroun...

Holt and Stroh Cousins at Christmas

Date: December 25 1918
Description: Wearing his cap, overcoat and boots, Donald Holt is looking at the camera. He is standing by himself on the left with his hands behind his back. Next to Do...

Jeannette Holt on her 25th Birthday

Date: May 08 1921
Description: Celebrating her 25th birthday, Jeannette Holt is dressed for the festivities, wearing decorations in her hair, and paper flowers draped around her neck. Sh...

Little Cousins Juliet Stroh and Donald Holt in the Light

Date: 1903
Description: Little cousins Donald Holt and Juliet Stroh are sitting in the light, which is streaming through the window on the right. Lucy Holt or Juliet Stroh and the...

Hurrah for the Red, White, and Blue

Date: 1904
Description: A group of children are standing on a carpet over the front steps of the house. Two boys are waving flags. A large flag is hanging from the second story. T...

Portrait of Holt and Stroh Children

Date: June 1906
Description: A group portrait of the Holt and Stroh children on a sunny day. Top row, left to right: Elizabeth Stroh, Alfred Holt, Jeannette Holt, Harriet Stroh, Margar...

The Cousins

Date: June 1908
Description: The Holt and Stroh children are posing for a group portrait in the yard of "The Evergreens," home of Lucy Rumsey Holt's parents. Names from back to front:...

Alfred Holt in Grandfather's Army Coat

Date: July 04 1908
Description: Holding an American flag, Alfred Holt is dressed up in the Civil War army coat of his grandfather, Captain I.P. Rumsey. Caption reads: "Alfred in Grandfath...

Baseball Fans

Date: 1909
Description: Nathan McClure (l) and Alfred Holt (r) are dressed to play baseball. McClure is wearing a baseball glove and holding the ball. Holt is leaning on the bat....

Jeannette Holt and Margaret Stroh at the Guild Bazaar

Date: June 16 1909
Description: Jeannette Holt is standing and holding something that looks like a ballon on a string. Next to Holt, cousin Margaret Stroh is sitting with her hands in her...

At the Guild Bazaar

Date: June 16 1909
Description: Three Holt children are sitting on a park bench in front of a stone wall. From left to right: Alfred Holt, Donald Holt, and Eleanor Holt. Alfred Holt appea...

Joe Rumsey's Auto

Date: July 23 1909
Description: Looking at the camera, Joe Rumsey is sitting in the driver's seat of his sedan. The auto has lights and a horn. Morris Rumsey is at his brother's side. In...

The Tree Swing

Date: July 1917
Description: During Word War I, a group of soldiers training at Fort Sheridan visited the home of W.A. Holt's parents. The Holt family entertained the soldiers. Lillian...

Crystal Wedding Anniversary

Date: 1910
Description: Lucy Rumsey Holt and W.A. Holt's 25th wedding anniversary. Three generations are present. A cake decorated with flowers is on display in front of Lucy and...

Eight Holt and Stroh Cousins

Date: July 30 1910
Description: Eight cousins from the Holt and Stroh families are standing arm-in-arm at the depot. Caption reads: "Eight Cousins." Names from left to right: Margaret Str...

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