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Fish About to Fly

Date: 1912
Description: Farnum Fish, the California-born "boy aviator," about to take off in his two-seat Wright Model B during a flying exhibition at the Wisconsin State Fairgrou...

Curtiss Pusher About to Take Off

Date: 1912
Description: To the accompaniment of a cheering crowd, a pilot in a Curtiss pusher prepares to take off.

Old Stone House Erected About 1800 for an Indian School

Date: 1909
Description: Photographic postcard view of a stone house with a group of people standing on the porch. Wood and barbed wire fencing is in the front yard.

Skiers about to Ski Down Slope

Description: Winter scene looking down a hill towards skiers about to ski on the Capital Mississippi Alps near La Crosse, Wisconsin. La Crosse is in the background, and...

Pupils Learning About Thrift

Date: 1919
Description: Students are raising their arms as an instructor is discussing the merits of thrift. The instructor is pointing to chalkboard illustrations of a well groom...

Frederick Layton at Sea ??not sure about the St. Paul reference

Date: 1891
Description: Frederick Layton standing on deck smoking a cigar while at sea in a Kodak #2 camera portrait by T.W. Ingersoll from St. Paul, Minnesota. The photographer's...

Kate Schloesser, About Civil War Time

Date: 1865
Description: Carte-de-visite quarter-length vignetted portrait of Katherine Schloesser (later Estabrook), dated via caption to "about Civil War time." Schloesser was a...

Thinking About Saul Leiter in the Parking Lot

Date: February 22 2015
Description: View looking out through a car windshield towards a parking lot. The dashboard, part of the rear view mirror, and a handicap parking sticker are inside the...

Nurse Instructs Mothers about Shoes

Date: 1937
Description: A nurse instructs two mothers about baby shoes.

Cyclists About to Race

Description: Four cyclists await the start of a race at the Jackson County Fairgrounds. There is a viewing pavilion on the right.

How About Washington? Let Me Alone!

Date: 1860
Description: A figure has two faces. Facing left a smiling (Union) face is saying "How about Washington?" Facing right a grumpy (Confederate) face is saying "Let me alo...

What Shall We Do about Our School?

Date: July 1951
Description: Front cover of University of Wisconsin Extension Service Special Circular 20 dealing with rural schools. The cover features a drawing of two children walki...

Woman About to Dive

Date: 1920
Description: A woman dressed in a bathing suit, shoes and cap is about to dive off of a pier into the water. A rowboat is tethered on the right. Trees can be seen on th...

Black Gown Design for "All About Eve"

Date: 1950
Description: Watercolor and gouache over graphite sketch on paper of a long black gown with a black bow at the waist designed for "All About Eve" (Twentieth Century-Fox...

In and About the Dells of the Wisconsin River — On the Way to Stand Rock #90

Description: Stereographic view of Bennett's crew hauling a portable darkroom through a pond of water. They are on their way to Stand Rock.

In and About the Dells of the Wisconsin River — Stand Rock, Showing Top #86

Description: Three hunters and their dog posing on the top of Stand Rock.

In and About the Dells of the Wisconsin River — Stand Rock, Showing Top #86

Date: June 24 1878
Description: Stereograph of three men at the top of Stand Rock. One man stands holding his rifle while the two others sit.

Gaylord Nelson Speaking about ORAP

Date: 1961
Description: Governor Nelson seated and speaking into microphones about his Outdoor Recreation Action Program (ORAP), the 1961 proposal for Wisconsin land purchase and...

Telephone Survey About Cancer

Date: March 14 1958
Description: Members of the Dane County Medical Society, the Methodist Hospital Nurses' Alumnae Association, and the Dane County Unit of the American Cancer Society pre...

Cheerleaders Rally the Crowd

Date: 1957
Description: Spectators at a high school basketball game are urged to support the team by jumping cheerleaders.

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