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Portrait of Photographer Edmund Eisenscher

Date: April 1948
Description: Portrait of photographer Edmund Eisenscher.

Photographer Edmund Eisenscher

Date: 1950
Description: Color portrait of photographer Edmund Eisenscher.

Portrait of photographer Edmund Eisenscher

Description: Edmund Eisenscher (1909-1995), posing with his dog.

Isaiah Pyant Bowling

Date: 1946
Description: Isaiah Pyant bowling.

Isaiah Pyant Family Dinner

Date: 1946
Description: Isaiah Pyant family eating dinner.

Police Arresting Allis-Chalmers Striker

Date: December 04 1946
Description: Police arresting an Allis-Chalmers striker.

Lithographers' Annual Dance

Date: April 21 1956
Description: Performing the bunny hop at the annual dance sponsored by Local 7, Amalgamated Lithographers of America.

UAW Rally,

Date: December 07 1946
Description: Rally of striking United Automobile Workers of America employed by Allis Chalmers.

UAW Auxiliary Luncheon

Description: Luncheon for members of the United Automobile Workers Auxiliary #2 in Milwaukee.

Seaman's Body Bowling Team

Date: February 22 1947
Description: The Seaman's Body Local 75 bowling team.

Crucible Steel Casting Company

Date: 1946
Description: Workers chipping imperfections from a rough casting.

Allis-Chalmers Strikers

Date: October 28 1946
Description: Striking members of Local 248, United Automobile Workers, discuss strategy outside the Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company plant.

George L.P. Weaver

Date: December 05 1947
Description: George Weaver, secretary of the national CIO Committee to Abolish Discrimination, appearing at the Wisconsin State CIO convention.

Bronzeville All-Star Bowling Team

Date: June 1946
Description: In the Money: The Bronzeville All-Star Bowling Team which finished in the money in the recent Wisconsin state CIO-sponsored bowling tournament.

Rolland J. Thomas

Date: September 02 1946
Description: R.J. Thomas, vice-president UAW-CIO, addresses the crowd at Milwaukee Labor Day celebration, State Fair Park.

UAW Local 75 Bowler

Date: December 03 1946
Description: Eddie Wojciechowski, a member of the Cushions, the championship team of the United Automobile Workers Local 75.

Walter Reuther

Date: December 06 1947
Description: Walter Reuther, President of the United Automobile Workers (right), after delivering address to the Wisconsin State CIO convention, December 6, 1947. To h...

Amalgamated Lithographers of America Dance

Date: April 24 1948
Description: "Inter-City Fun Fest" dance sponsored by the Amalgamated Lithographers of America. Chicago's Mrs. Peggy Schabert dances with Mr. Gil Naps, Milwaukee.

Juggler at United Automobile Workers Dance

Date: September 06 1947
Description: Juggler performing at the Harvest Festival Dance sponsored by Local 75, United Automobile Workers (Seaman Body Company), State Fair Park.

Lithographers Drinking Beer After a Union Meeting

Date: December 11 1954
Description: Members of Local 7, Amalgamated Lithographers of America, relaxing after a union meeting.

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