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Falk Logo

Date: April 10 1991
Description: Falk logo that reads, "Gearing for Tomorrow / Falk".

Clutch With Spacer

Date: May 06 1980
Description: 48 inch clutch with spacer in the test lab at Falk.

Heat Treating Shop

Date: September 04 1956
Description: A view looking west of several workers in the Heat Treating Department of the Falk Corporation.

Aerial View of the Falk Corporation

Date: August 1975
Description: Original Falk description reads, "Latest aerial views of the main plant taken by Robert McCoy."

Aerial View of Falk

Date: January 1973
Description: Aerial view of the Falk Corporation. Falk caption reads, "Black and white negatives, furnished to advertising department by J. Blank. See similar color pic...


Date: May 23 1983
Description: Eugene Glover, a Falk employee, attends to several castings. Falk caption reads, "To be used in the new (1985) Foundry Capabilities Brochure."

Test of a Prototype

Date: November 08 1961
Description: A prototype being tested in the research test lab of the Falk Corporation. Original Falk caption reads, "Temperature lube test, 8RT3 Prototype. Set up of l...

Special Speed Increasers

Date: July 16 1968
Description: Two speed increasers that were purchased and used by The Boeing Corporation/Vertol Division. Falk caption reads, "Test stand drives for helicopter componen...

Tugboat on Water

Date: August 30 1972
Description: This unit was purchased by Electro-Motive. Original Falk caption reads, "Photo compliments of Electro-Motive for possible use in bulletin 430. Photo is cop...

Inspecting Machinery

Date: March 01 1971
Description: Male employee, B. Schinto, inspecting according to original Falk caption, "a YQA element for use in bulletin 171-110."

Tire Curing Press

Date: March 11 1968
Description: Tire curing press that was later purchased by McNeil Akron Corporation. Falk caption reads, "14-90T, 10 P Spur, 7 inch face. Crank gears have two unique fe...

Cross Rail

Date: December 02 1963
Description: An employee stands near a cross rail that was later purchased by Onnsud Machine Works and used by Avco Corporation for cargo planes. Falk caption reads,"Ma...

Victory Ship Gears

Description: Workman working on the main reduction gears for a Victory Ship at the Falk Corporation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Kiln Pinion

Date: October 25 1972
Description: Kiln pinion that was purchased by F.L. Smidth. Original Falk caption reads, "Grinding wheel touched shaft."

Speed Reducer for a Ball Mill

Date: September 14 1971
Description: View of a speed reducer that was purchased by the Kennedy Van Saun Corporation and used by Gresic Cement in Indonesia. Falk caption reads, "Design HP-3150,...

Centrifugal Compressor

Date: January 17 1978
Description: William Kozlowski, a Falk employee, inspects a centrifugal compressor. This particular unit was purchased and used by the Cities Service Oil Company.

Gears Used in Gear Laboratory

Date: November 25 1957
Description: A male employee operates a large machine at the Falk Corporation. The gear was purchased and used by the Falk Corporation. Original Falk caption reads, "Th...

Dredge Pump Drive

Date: January 05 1968
Description: A 27.000 x 24 vertical dredge pump drive is pictured that was later purchased by Ellicott Machine Corporation. Falk caption reads, "27.000 x 24 vertical dr...

Special Speed Reducers

Date: September 10 1969
Description: Special dual output shaft speed reducers that were purchased by the Edge Wallboard Machinery Company and used by the Abitibi Carolina Corporation. Falk cap...

Bridge Drives

Date: April 23 1965
Description: Bridge drives that the City of Milwaukee purchased and used. Falk caption reads,"Unit drives the opening of Broadway Street. Unit opens each half of the br...

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