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Increase Lapham letter

Date: 1850-06-28
Description: Letter from Increase Lapham to his wife, Ann Maria Alcott, in Milwaukee. Lapham was at Aztalan and wrote to Anna regarding the geology of the region. He in...

First Page of Lapham's Gazetteer

Date: 1844
Description: Handwritten first page of Increase Lapham's unpublished gazetteer of Wisconsin.

A Geological Profile Extending from Utica to Knob Creek

Date: 1828
Description: Drawing by Increase Lapham showing the geological profile of the land between Utica and Knob Creek, Kentucky at a scale of 1/2 inch to a mile.

Lapham Handwritten Title Page

Date: 1844
Description: Increase Lapham's handwritten title page for A Geographical and Topographical Description of Wisconsin

Increase Lapham's 1870 California Diary

Date: 1870
Description: Page from a diary kept by Increase Lapham in California between April 11 and May 19, 1870. The page shows a portion of a list of minerals of California.

The Dells--Wisconsin River

Date: 1849
Description: Pencil sketch of a cross-section of the Dells of the Wisconsin River.

Increase Lapham at Wisconsin Dells

Date: 1869
Description: Increase A. Lapham in the foreground of a rock formation in Taylor's Glen with A. Holly seated on a rock in the background.

Plants of Wisconsin Page

Date: 1845
Description: Page from Increase Lapham's 1845 list of plants of Wisconsin including Oxalidaceae, Zanthoxylaceae, and Anacardiaceae and notations of where and when indiv...
Map or Atlas

Plan of the Canal Termination on Portsmouth Point

Date: 1833
Description: Increase Lapham's plan for the canal terminus on Portsmouth Point at the confluence of the Scioto and Ohio Rivers.

Title Page of Lapham's A catalog of Plants Found in the Viciinity of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Territory

Date: 1838
Description: Title page of Increase Lapham's Catalog of Plants Found in the vicinity of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Territory.

Carex Varia

Description: Drawing by Increase Lapham of Carex Varia. It is a genus of plants in the family Cyperaceae, commonly known as sedges. Other members of the Cyperaceae fami...

Professor W.W. Daniels, Geologist

Date: 1872
Description: Carte-de-visite portrait of Professor W.W. Daniels, University of Wisconsin geologist. Daniels worked as one of Increase Lapham's assistants during the Wis...

Anne M. Lapham

Date: 1863
Description: Ninth plate ambrotype of Anne Marie Alcott Lapham (Mrs. Increase A. Lapham). Waist-up portrait, facing slightly right, hands folded in lap, wearing a dress...
Book or Pamphlet

A Geographical and Topographical Description of Wisconsin

Date: 1844
Description: Title page of Increase Lapham's A Geographical and Topographical Description of Wisconsin published by P.C. Hale of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Map or Atlas

A Geological, Topographical, and Subterranean Map of the Brigham Lead Mines near the Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

Date: 1867
Description: This 1867 manuscript map by Increase Lapham shows the topography and geology of the Blue Mounds region in the Town of Brigham in Iowa County and the towns...
Map or Atlas

Chapmanā€™s New Sectional Map of Wisconsin

Date: 1868
Description: This map of the state of Wisconsin was created in 1868 and later used by Increase Lapham to trace an outbreak of tornadoes going across the state in May of...

Philo Romayne Hoy, Ornithologist

Date: 1874
Description: Carte-de-visite portrait of Dr. Philo R. Hoy (1816-1892), Wisconsin ornithologist and entomologist. Settled in Racine with his family in 1846. Served as pr...

John Torrey, Botanist

Date: 1865
Description: Vignetted carte-de-visite portrait of John Torrey (1796-1863), American botanist. Worked as New York state botanist from 1836. Handwritten inscription at...
Map or Atlas

Profile [of Blue Mounds]

Date: 1864
Description: This map is pen and watercolor on paper and shows a profile and the geological formation of Blue Mound. Also shown is the location of Arnold's Hotel and Br...
Historical Object

Caroline A. Alllcott Stone

Date: 1834
Description: Aperture type hollow-cut silhouette of Caroline A. Allcott Stone, sister-in-law of Dr. Increase A. Lapham. Subject faces right (proper left), and wears her...

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