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The Functions and Responsibilities of Your Nonprofit Board

The core responsibility of your nonprofit board is to work together as a group to govern your organization.
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Legal Standards for Your Nonprofit Board Members

Nonprofit board members must follow certain legal standards to protect the interests of members, sponsors, and donors.
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How to Create and Maintain a Great Nonprofit Board

A great nonprofit board can make the difference between a highly successful organization and one that few people even know about.
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Six Strategies to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Nonprofit Board

Your nonprofit board will be more successful if members adopt the skills and habits that lead to excellence in these six areas of competency.
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Why Nonprofit Boards Fail

Nonprofit boards typically fail for one of two reasons: they lose sight of their mission, or they don't adapt to change.
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How to Create a Great Partnership between Your Nonprofit Board and Executive Director

Your nonprofit board and executive director have different and complementary roles, but they must work together to ensure your organization is a success.
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Committee Roles and Responsibilities on Your Nonprofit Board

By using a committee governance structure, your nonprofit board can divide up its work into more manageable tasks.
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The Role of the Governance Committee on Your Nonprofit Board

If your nonprofit board forms a governance committee, it will serve as your board’s conscience and ensure your board lives up to its potential.
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Officer Roles and Responsibilities on Your Nonprofit Board

The duties of nonprofit board officers generally break down into three roles: president or chair, vice president or vice chair, and treasurer.

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