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Woman with Wringer Washtub and Basket

Date: 1920
Description: Woman washing clothes outdoors with a washtub, washboard, wringer, clothespins and clothesline.

Children and Adults Engaged in Yard Work

Date: February 20 1915
Description: A woman and boy are using "sedge brush" brooms to sweep a dirt yard as two women — possibly social workers or Agricultural Extension employees — look on. A...

Mobile Bay Beach

Date: March 05 1915
Description: Two well-dressed men gazing thoughtfully at the ocean at Mobile Bay beach.

Young Boy in Wagon Pulled by Dogs

Date: 1915
Description: Young boy in a wagon pulled by two dogs near a cornfield.

Man Inside Agricultural Exhibit

Date: 1916
Description: African American man sitting inside an agricultural display of corn, potatoes, canned goods and International Harvester agricultural lecture charts. A bann...

Men Unloading Wagon with Crane

Description: Two men using a crane to unload wagon box on the waterfront.

Agricultural Extension Employee Setting Up Film Projector

Date: 1915
Description: An employee of International Harvester's Agricultural Extension Department loads 35mm film into a movie projector.

Russian Farmer with Camel-Drawn Mower

Date: 1910
Description: Russian farmer in a field riding an International Harvester mower drawn by two camels.

Man on Ladder Repairing Farm Building

Date: 1925
Description: R.A. Hayne on a ladder repairing a barn door.

McCormick Auto-Mower

Date: July 24 1900
Description: Engineer E.A. Johnston operating a single-cylinder version of the McCormick Auto-Mower at the McCormick Works. Johnston was Director of Engineering for the...

Spraying Pesticide

Date: June 1923
Description: Two men applying pesticide with a sprayer in an orchard. Another man is sitting on the horse-drawn wagon carrying the tank.

Boy with Peaches

Date: 1929
Description: A boy grinning while gathering peaches in his arms in the orchard of N.Y. Yates.

McCormick Grain Binders at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Date: 1900
Description: Two men use horse-drawn McCormick grain binders in a field in front of a dairy barn at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. A grain elevator or walkway ext...

Man Using Hay Rake

Date: July 04 1935
Description: View across field of a man using a team of two horses to pull a hay rake through a field near Hamilton, Ontario. There appears to be a dog running in the f...

Young Man Sitting on Hay Rake

Date: 1900
Description: View across field towards a young man sitting on a horse-drawn dump rake pulled by a team of horses. In the background are hills.

Cutting Off Chicken Legs

Date: April 1927
Description: Person's hands cutting the legs off a recently plucked chicken with pruning shears. A can of Sterno is in the background.

Community Canning Kitchen

Date: September 1926
Description: Man searching through cans of food piled in a wooden basket on a shelf in the distributing room of a community canning kitchen.

Receiving Crops for Community Kitchen

Date: September 1928
Description: Man carrying baskets of field crops in to the receiving room of a community kitchen. A woman wearing an apron is standing near the door.

Woman Canning Jelly

Date: 1926
Description: Woman working in kitchen straining jelly bags over pot in preparation for canning. The photograph was taken at an "IHC Farm," probably in Hinsdale, Illinoi...

Young Girl Cooling Canned Corn

Date: 1925
Description: Young girl identified as Jewel Keller using a water pump outside a farm house to cool freshly canned corn.

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