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Lady Elgin Docked

Date: 1859
Description: Lithograph from Frank Leslie's Illustrated News of the sidewheel passenger, Lady Elgin, at her wharf in Chicago, Illinois in 1860. From a pho...

The Sinking of the Lady Elgin

Date: 1859
Description: A page from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper with two sketches and a narrative of the sinking of the sidewheeler passenger, Lady Elgin, i...

Sinking of the Lady Elgin

Date: 1859
Description: A page of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper detailing the sinking of the sidewheel passenger, Lady Elgin, in 1860. One sketch is of Edward...

Grand Demonstration of Workingmen

Date: September 05 1882
Description: The procession passing the reviewing stand at Union Square.

Shooting Wild Pigeons

Date: September 21 1867
Description: Illustration of four men shooting at a thick flock of wild pigeons. Hunting dogs are gathered around them in the field, which has a number of dead birds.

Dr. Williams at the Wharton Trial

Date: December 23 1871
Description: Illustration of Dr. Williams being sworn in as an expert medical witness at the Wharton trial.
Newspaper Article/Clipping

La Follette as Congressman

Date: October 1890
Description: Engraved illustration from Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly depicting the members of the House Ways and Means Committee during the deliberations on th...

Tammany Hall Presidential Campaign

Date: November 08 1856
Description: Political drawing for the Democratic Presidential Campaign, which included Buchanan and Breckenridge.

Benjamin Harrison and Grover Cleveland Front Cover Cartoon

Date: August 11 1892
Description: Political cartoon for presidential campaign. Pro-Benjamin Harrison, anti-Grover Cleveland. Shows "John Bull" (Cleveland was labeled "The English Candidate"...

John C. Freemont

Date: January 1885
Description: Illustration of John C. Freemont, the first presidential candidate of the Republican party.

Arrival of Delegates to the Republican National Convention

Date: 1880
Description: Illustration of the arrival in a train station of the Maine and New Hampshire delegations to the National Republican Convention.

Republican National Convention

Date: June 1880
Description: Illustration of Honorary George F. Hoar addressing a huge crowd of delegates at the National Republican Convention.

Frank Leslie Cartoon "Winning and Wearing"

Date: May 23 1863
Description: Cartoon appearing in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, Page 144. During the American Civil War (1861-1865), the Copperheads nominally favored th...

Uncle Sam and the Philippine Islands

Date: June 09 1898
Description: Cover art for Leslie's Weekly depicting Uncle Sam peering through a magnifying glass at the Philippine Islands on a globe. The caption is "Guess I'l...
Book or Pamphlet

Donations for Sufferers of Yellow Fever

Date: September 28 1878
Description: An illustration depicting well-dressed ferry passengers depositing money in the yellow fever box at Fulton Ferry. A sign reads, "Contributions recieved (si...
Newspaper Article/Clipping

Monster Bowie Knife

Date: June 06 1860
Description: An illustration of the enormous bowie knife that was presented to John F. Potter.

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