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International Harvester Tent at Iowa State Fair

Date: 1946
Description: International Harvester tent and exhibition at the Iowa State Fair. Includes workers filming Iowa's first television show and a high school brass band ente...

International Model A-4 truck with Trailer in front of Iowa State Capitol Building

Date: June 28 1933
Description: International Model A-4 semi-tractor with sleeper cab and trailer parked in front of the Iowa State Capitol Building. The truck was owned and operated by C...

Men at Farm Machinery Demonstration

Date: January 02 1934
Description: Elevated view of men gathered for a McCormick-Deering farm machine demonstration on grounds across from the Iowa capitol building. Equipment on view includ...

Driver in International Dairy Truck

Date: September 04 1925
Description: View across street towards a man in the driver's seat of an International Special Delivery dairy truck parked in front of billboards. The International Spe...

Man and International Truck in front of Iowa State Capitol

Date: June 19 1927
Description: Man posing with an International tour bus in front of the Iowa State Capitol building. The sign painted on the side of the bus reads: "Seeing the US."

Brown Jug School Students

Date: September 08 1925
Description: Brown Jug School students lined up along a fence outside a school house. One of the boys is wearing a cowboy hat and bandana.

'Howdy' Roberts Band Performs at IH Exhibit

Date: 1966
Description: The 'Howdy' Roberts Band performing inside an International Harvester exhibit at the Iowa State Fair. Band members are playing a clarinet, trumpet, accordi...

Farmall Tractor and Power Binder

Date: August 22 1924
Description: Man pulling a McCormick-Deering power grain binder with a Farmall Regular tractor. The original caption reads: "N-81 Mr. Urfer (himself) with power binder....

"Red Baby" Truck Carrying "One Minute" Washers

Date: 1924
Description: Curt Moore selling "one minute" washing machines to a farmer's wife. The washing machines are loaded in the back of an International "Red Baby" truck. The...

IHC Cream Separator Display at Iowa State Fair

Date: August 22 1929
Description: Men, women, and children at an International Harvester cream separator exhibit at the Iowa State Fair. A company representative appears to be pointing out...

Des Moines IHC Branch House Building

Date: June 03 1927
Description: Exterior view of an International Harvester Company branch house building.

International Model 31 Truck Carrying Lumber

Date: 1922
Description: International model 31 truck carrying lumber for Century Lumber Co. The truck is parked outside the company's warehouse.

Des Moines Branch House

Date: 1912
Description: Bridge and rail yard near an International Harvester branch house in downtown Des Moines, Iowa. The branch house building is in the distance.

Model G-61 Truck Moving Cattle

Date: April 01 1920
Description: An International G-61 truck rigged for the shipping services of Meredith Jersey Farms. The sign on the side of the truck reads: "Ship by Truck; We Are Movi...

S.E. Burns

Date: 1922
Description: Mr. S.E. Burns, an International Harvester dealer, poses for a portrait with his son and son-in-law on either side of him.

Bernard Hicks with Cream Separator

Date: May 25 1925
Description: One-year-old Bernard Hicks poses for a photograph in a Primrose cream separator in a store or dealership.

McCormick-Deering Engine

Date: September 12 1923
Description: A man uses a 1 1/2 H.P. McCormick-Deering engine to pump water and run a grindstone.

Farmall Regular Tractor on Trailer

Date: December 02 1926
Description: A Farmall Regular tractor is loaded onto a trailer pulled by an International Model S truck before or after a demonstration.

Iowa State Fair at Night

Date: 1946
Description: Elevated view of the Iowa State Fair at night.

Industrial 10-20 Tractor with Grader

Date: November 14 1925
Description: A man uses a McCormick-Deering 10-20 industrial tractor with a grader to smooth a dirt road. Shadows of the photographer and the camera standing on a trip...

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