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Mielke's Grist Mill

Date: June 04 1961
Description: A front view of the Mielke Feed & Supply grist mill, with Purina Chows signs placed above the loading dock area. A GMC pickup truck is parked in the load...

Old Ford Automobile in Farmyard

Date: July 07 1962
Description: An old Ford automobile sitting in a farmyard, as viewed from the rear. There is a farmhouse in the background.

Carl L. Buelow House and Saloon

Date: 1909
Description: The home of Carl L. Buelow, a combination of a log and frame house, also used as a saloon. A rod at the left corner can be used to hang a sign. A chair sit...

Raddatz Rockshelter and Natural Bridge

Date: 1954
Description: Raddatz Rockshelter and Natural Bridge, known by archaeologists as 47 SK-5. The bridge is made of sand stone, reaching 35 feet in height, and is the larges...

Leland Mill

Date: 1924
Description: The inactive Leland mill, with the faded painted sign, "Leland Roller Mill," on the upper story.

Playground near Grist Mill

Date: June 04 1961
Description: View of the Honey Creek Rod and Gun Club playground beside Mielke's grist mill.

Old Rowboat

Date: June 04 1961
Description: View from shoreline of an old rowboat in an artificial lake built by the Honey Creek Rod and Gun Club. There is a barn on the far shoreline.

Field Hollow

Date: June 04 1961
Description: Landscape view of a shaded field hollow on George Melanthin's farm.

Part of Business Section

Date: 1922
Description: Children on the porch of a general store and filling station. The business advertises Polarine motor oil, Goodrich tires, Camel cigarettes, and Red Crown g...

Ford in the Weeds

Date: 1962
Description: Old Ford coupe in a farm setting.

The Old Grist Mill

Date: October 07 1950
Description: Grist mill on a river. In the foreground is the mill stream with trees and shrubs on the shorelines.

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