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Wrightstown Business District

Date: 1963
Description: View down middle of street of the main business district.

Bridge in Wrightstown

Date: 1865
Description: Elevated view of a bridge and logging debris around residential homes.

McCormick-Deering Milk Cooler

Date: July 08 1936
Description: A man lifts a milk canister into a McCormick-Deering Milk Cooler. Light from two windows illuminates the room, and buckets sit along the wall opposite the...

McCormick-Deering Milk Cooler

Date: July 08 1936
Description: A man (identified as Earl Atkinson) stands next to a McCormick-Deering Milk Cooler. A milk container sits at his feet.

Boat in Canal

Date: August 04 1962
Description: A boat in the Fox River Canal, headed up river. This particular lock, the Ripide Croche Lock, is located just north of Wrightstown.

Camp Dix Depot

Description: Several men are working on the railroad depot in Camp Dix, which was operated by Adams Express Company. Other men and a woman can be seen standing near the...

Wrightstown Bridge

Date: 1930
Description: Elevated view of High Street (Highway 96) and the bridge over the Fox River at Wrightstown. Farmers & Traders Bank is at left, a sign for Meuleman's Elect...

Fox River Bridge

Date: 1908
Description: Looking down hill southeast across the Fox River bridge. Industrial buildings line the shoreline on the far side.

Shoreline View of Fox River

Date: October 12 1963
Description: View from shoreline through trees towards houses on the opposite shoreline along the Fox River.

Street View of Wrightstown

Date: 1963
Description: Street view at sunrise, looking uphill towards commercial buildings.

Residential View

Date: 1965
Description: View through residential yards.
Map or Atlas

Sanitary Sewer and Water Extensions for the Village of Wrightstown, Brown County, Wisconsin

Date: 1961
Description: This map shows a sewage treatment plant site and includes an index of "Title and Index," "Watermain Details," "Sanitary Sewer Details," and "Plan B Profile...

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