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What The United States Has Fought For

Date: 1914
Description: A cartoon depicting the rescue of oppressed people by the United States, entitled "What The United States Has Fought For".

Carillon Tower

Date: February 1964
Description: Nighttime winter scene on University of Wisconsin-Madison campus of the Carillon Tower with the Social Sciences building in the background.

Wisconsin State Capitol (Third) and Dome

Date: 1878
Description: The Wisconsin State Capitol as it appeared after the completion of the dome in 1869. At that time only the dome and the upper stories can be seen above the...

Zona Gale

Description: Portrait of Zona Gale, seated indoors holding flowers.

Village of Bloomington

Date: 1864
Description: The village, founded by Delos W. Taft, had its name changed to Bloomington in 1867. It had been named Tafton.


Date: 1880
Description: Exterior view of a mill owned by George Mills Hull. Three men stand in the foreground, and three more stand near the entrance to the mill.

Jarius Fairchild House

Date: 1855
Description: Early view of the house built by Madison's first mayor, Jairus C. Fairchild, at 302 South Wisconsin Avenue (renamed Monona Avenue in 1877) at West Wilson S...

First Ultrafax Transmission

Date: October 21 1948
Description: A man and a woman stand by an Ultrafax machine as the first-ever transmission is received.

Milwaukee Post Office

Date: 1928
Description: Exterior view of the Milwaukee Post Office.

Hobart Church

Date: 1900
Description: Hobart Episcopal Church on the Oneida Indian Reservation.

Native American Man on Grain Binder

Date: 1910
Description: A man in Native American dress sitting atop a grain binder while a man in a bowler hat (possibly R. G. Brooks) looks on at International Harvester's McCorm...

Man Reading Newspaper

Description: A man, presumably a farmer, reading "The Tennessee Union Farmer" newspaper.

Migrant Mother Variation

Date: 1936
Description: Florence Thompson with several of her children in a tent shelter as part of the "Migrant Mother" series.

Alternatives to Buying

Date: 1971
Description: Page 13 of a booklet published by Women for a Peaceful Christmas offering alternatives to buying Christmas gifts. The page is decorated with several Christ...

Profits Thru Power

Date: 1929
Description: Front cover of a booklet advertising Hart-Parr farm equipment. The cover features a color illustration of a man using the tractor in a farm field set again...

Hart-Parr Tractors Advertisement

Date: 1929
Description: Back cover of a booklet advertising Hart-Parr tractors featuring text set against a farm scene background. The text reads, "Hart-Parr Tractors. Most Power....

Madison Civics Club Luncheon Menu

Date: March 14 1942
Description: Typewritten menu for the luncheon meeting of the Madison Civics Club held at the Loraine Hotel, with photographer Margaret Bourke-White as speaker. Over 50...
Book or Pamphlet

Champion Catalog Cover

Date: 1900
Description: Catalog cover features an illustration of two children, a boy and a girl, sitting on a shoreline with a bowl of bubbles. The boy is holding up a dripping b...

Rose Dockrill and George Holland

Description: Rose Dockrill, daughter of Barnum and Bailey Circus equestrian Elise Dockrill, and her husband George E. Holland, son of George F. Holland, who was a famou...

Joseph Winston

Description: Head and shoulders etching of a profile portrait of politician Joseph Winston.

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