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Punch Pressing Handles

Date: November 27 1967
Description: A machinist runs a punch press at Res Manufacturing Company.

Preparing for Scout-O-Rama

Date: April 16 1958
Description: Boy Scouts lash together lengths of wood as they put up an exhibit about pioneering for Scout-O-Rama.

Fencing Demonstration

Date: February 27 1989
Description: Members of the foils teams of Catholic Memorial High School give a fencing demonstration to a class of elementary school students.

Science Project

Date: February 27 1989
Description: Student demonstrates his science project that tests the effectiveness of aspirin.

Fancy Wedding Cake

Date: June 26 1955
Description: Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Braatz top off the 26-layer wedding cake that Mrs. Braatz made for their daughter's wedding.

Chess Match

Date: March 09 1989
Description: Calvin Johnson, right, Custer High School chess champion, takes on Paul Henk to defend his title.

Family Night Watching the Tube

Date: September 30 1967
Description: A woman sits with her ten children surrounding her and watches TV.

Picking Up Steam

Date: July 07 1984
Description: Steam locomotive No. 1385 moves along the tracks as part of the Butler Railroad Days.

Shoe Repair Shop

Date: March 18 1978
Description: In his shoe repair shop, a shoe repairman sews the edge of a man's shoe, with the tools of his trade surrounding him.

Memorial Day Parade

Date: May 28 1979
Description: A pair of boy and girl toddlers lead a part of the 33rd annual Memorial Day Parade on flag-bedecked tricycles.

Refund Swap Convention

Date: September 10 1983
Description: Liz Walden looks over empty boxes of laundry soap collected in a Refund Swap Convention at Our Lady of Good Hope School.

Parking Meters for Sale

Date: October 04 1983
Description: A man looks over parking meters that are some of the items for sale at the first Milwaukee County Recycling Center sale.

John Kerry

Date: 1971
Description: Portrait of John Kerry taken during his years as an active member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

Harlow in "Hell's Angels"

Date: 1930
Description: Production still from "Hell's Angels," the Howard Hughes 1930 film, which launched the career of 18-year-old Jean Harlow. She is shown here with co-stars B...

Howard Hughes

Date: 1932
Description: Howard Hughes on the set of "Sky Devils," a comedy about World War I aviation that starred Spencer Tracy. Hughes reused many of the airplanes he obtained f...

Gotha and Film Production Crew and Cast

Date: 1930
Description: A vintage German Gotha airplane brought to Hollywood by Howard Hughes for use in "Hell's Angels," together with members of the Caddo Company's film crew an...

Howard Hughes

Date: 1930
Description: Portrait of Howard Hughes (1905-1976), aviator, motion picture producer, millionaire playboy, business leader and eccentric. This portrait was probably mad...
Book or Pamphlet

Anti-Slavery Sermon Imprint

Date: 1861
Description: Printed copy of a sermon, "The Duty of the Northern States in Relation to the Future of Slavery," delivered by Rev. William Henry Brisbane, minister of the...

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