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Eben and Roseline Peck Cabin

Date: June 1837
Description: Lithograph based on a painting by Mrs. E.E. Bailey showing the Peck cabin, the first house in Madison. In addition to the cabin, the lithograph includes a...

The Medicine Shop

Date: August 15 1981
Description: Michael Persten standing behind the prescription counter of The Medicine Shop, a pharmacy he opened in Wauwatosa.

Father Towing his Son

Date: March 27 1989
Description: Father on a bicycle towing son on a scooter.

Lanterns in Exhibition

Date: May 15 1943
Description: Wisconsin Historical Society museum display of railroad lanterns in the "Building Wisconsin Railroads" exhibit.

Crunching Numbers

Date: November 10 1963
Description: Male students run data cards through a computer to match couples for a school dance.

A Teenage Girl on the Telephone

Date: 1950
Description: A kitchen counter is a good perch for a teenage girl's telephone conversation.

Camp Randall Stadium and Field House

Date: 1956
Description: Aerial view of Camp Randall Stadium and Field House on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

Aerial View of Camp Randall and Heating Plant

Date: 1954
Description: Aerial view of Camp Randall Stadium with the University of Wisconsin heating plant in foreground.


Date: June 17 1987
Description: Kids smiling gleefully on the Tilt-a-Whirl carnival ride while workers manage the controls in the background on a sunny summer day.

Quiet Moment

Date: May 14 1987
Description: A couple holds hands and reads together while sitting on a bench.

Civil War Army Post Office

Date: August 1864
Description: Soldiers relax around the Army Post Office at the quarters of the Chief Ambulance Officer, Ninth Army Corps.

Caning Chairs

Date: October 17 1968
Description: An elderly man and woman make new cane seats for chairs at the Cedar Lake Home for the Aged.
Book or Pamphlet

D.M. Osborne & Company 20th Century Book

Date: 1900
Description: Cover of an advertising catalog featuring a chromolithograph illustration of angels flying over a field to herald the new century. The title reads: "The Os...

Confederacy of Dunces

Date: October 12 1984
Description: Men wearing Ronald Reagan masks and dunce caps make their way through a crowd.

Fire Fighter Training

Date: March 17 1987
Description: Fire fighters use a board game to simulate conditions at a fire scene as part of their training.

Distillation Device

Date: 1950
Description: A man sets up a cone-shaped instrument designed to distill fresh water from salt water as he leans out of small motor boat on the water.

Visiting a Lead Mine

Date: 1950
Description: Students from Platteville, Wisconsin tour a mine to see how lead is extracted.

Walter L. Main Circus Personnel

Date: 1904
Description: Personnel of the Walter L. Main show in 1904 and 1905, photographed outside a tent, include clowns, the driver of a four horse chariot, and air performers....

International Auto Buggy

Date: 1909
Description: Catalog cover for the International auto buggy featuring a color illustration of a woman driving one of the vehicles. The IH product name is another examp...

Stephenson Hall at Lawrence College

Description: Stephenson Science Hall at Lawrence College.

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