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Airline Computer Network

Date: September 26 1984
Description: A woman uses an early commercial computer network that allows travel agents to book their own flights without the use of a telephone.

St. Joseph's Computer

Date: December 14 1967
Description: A secretary in the pathology department at St. Joseph's Hospital working at a new computer.

Collecting Taxes in the Federal Building

Date: January 30 1961
Description: Mrs. Peter Mohm wears a coat and scarf indoors as she collects taxes in an unheated federal building.

Card Punch Machines

Date: November 23 1968
Description: New punch card machines installed in city hall are put to use.

Employee Working on a Computer

Date: August 28 1984
Description: Mary Beaudry, a temporary employee at International Business Machines, works on word-processing and computer equipment.

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