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Mexican Migrant Workers

Date: July 15 1948
Description: A Mexican woman and her six children are standing on the porch of the multiple-family housing provided to them by the pea cannery for which their husband a...

Registration of Enemy Aliens

Date: May 23 1917
Description: Unnaturalized Germans registering as enemy aliens at the New York Federal Building. Registration was necessary for them to be able to travel within the va...

Remodeled Clothes for Displaced Persons

Date: February 25 1949
Description: West High School pupils Muriel Showers and Anna Pronin watch Pamela Showers, 15 months, and Joan Gmeinder, 7, model two of the outfits that clothing studen...

Passport to Happiness

Date: October 20 1954
Description: Portrait of Fricis Brakmanis, age 41, and his bride-to-be Maija Smeils, 40, holding their wedding license. Both had spent time in Latvian forced-labor camp...

Blackhawk Ski Club Ski Jump Tourney

Date: January 26 1958
Description: Two members of the booster club of the Blackhawk Ski club are shown. They are Lies Jungbloed, left, a native of Holland, and Gudran Gudmundsdottir, a nati...

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