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Aunt Nell's Room

Date: 1898
Description: Interior shot of Aunt Nell's room at Hillside Home School, an early progressive school, operated by Ellen and Jane Lloyd Jones, aunts of Frank Lloyd Wright...

Aunt Jen's Room

Date: 1898
Description: Interior view of Aunt Jen's room at Hillside Home School, an early progressive school operated by Ellen and Jane Lloyd Jones, aunts of Frank Lloyd Wright....

Unkempt Bedroom with Children

Date: March 1909
Description: A young boy and girl sitting on an iron bedstead in the corner of their unkempt bedroom.

Portrait in a Mirror

Date: 1900
Description: A woman photographer catches reflections of herself, a young girl and a woman in a bedroom bureau mirror.

Children in Bed

Description: Bedroom scene with two boys in a bed with ornate headboard.


Date: June 21 1967
Description: Young female children celebrate a sleepover while four girls in bed watch another girl toss a pillow in the air. They are smiling gleefully while the pill...

Two Young Women in Bedroom

Date: 1929
Description: Two young women talking in a bedroom. One is packing or unpacking clothes into a travel bag. A copy of Herbert Quick's "Vandemark's Folly" is among the boo...

Children Playing in Bedroom

Date: February 10 1955
Description: Elevated view of boy sitting on toy fire engine, another boy dressed as a cowboy, and a girl with toy cash register playing in the bedroom.

College Dorm

Date: August 27 1971
Description: Deborah Weishapl of Union, NJ tosses a stuffed Snoopy doll to new roommate Kathy Vokaty of Edina, MN as they move into their dorm in O'Donnell Hall at Marq...

Young Girl on Telephone

Date: 1950
Description: A teenager sitting on a bed talking on the telephone.

Weary Woman

Date: 1873
Description: Engraving of a woman sitting in a chair with light from an attic window shining on her face. Next to her is a rumpled bed and a pull-toy overturned on the...

Sleep Over Party

Date: February 12 1956
Description: Young women talk about a dance and their dates while lounging on pushed-together twin beds in their pajamas.

Victoria House, College Girl's Bedroom

Date: March 05 1945
Description: Typical college girl's bedroom with frilly curtains, knick-knacks on shelves, and stuffed animals on the bed at the Victoria House, 225 Lake Lawn Place.

Wisconsin General Hospital Room

Date: September 24 1936
Description: Wisconsin General Hospital room with bed, dresser, bedside stand with lamp, two chairs and a free-standing screen, 1300 University Avenue.

Room in Park Hotel

Date: February 11 1936
Description: Interior view of Park Hotel hotel room with twin beds. The shades are pulled closed.

Park Hotel Guest Room

Date: February 11 1936
Description: Interior view of a Park Hotel guest room with twin beds.

Mr. & Mrs. Archie Parkins with Baby

Date: January 09 1935
Description: Arthur Parkins, Jr. holding surviving newborn twin baby, John Archie Parkins, following the death of twin baby James Burton Parkins. His wife Kathryn is ly...

Murder, Suicide in Room on Henry Street

Date: September 24 1934
Description: Doorway and bed in room where murder, suicide occurred. Adele Burnton was murdered by Harold Kotvis, who then committed suicide. 521 North Henry Street. A...

Mrs. Hugh O'Neill

Date: November 28 1933
Description: Portrait of elderly Mrs. Hugh O'Neill, lying in bed after losing her life savings of $610, which had been in a bag pinned to her undergarments. 917 Chandle...

Lake View Tuberculosis Sanatorium

Date: April 29 1931
Description: Two patients in beds at the Lake View TB Sanatorium ward, located at 1202 Northport Drive.

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