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Ronald Johnson with Winning Cheese

Date: November 14 1958
Description: Ronald E. Johnson of Mount Sterling, with world champion cheddar cheese at the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association Contest.

Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association Contest Winners

Date: 1958
Description: Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association Contest winners Evan Appleman, Carl Huber, Fred Beuer, and Werner Zimmerman, Jr. posing with their entries.

Dipping the Curd

Date: 1914
Description: A worker at the Jorden Cheese factory dips curd to make swiss cheese.

Cutting the Curd

Date: 1914
Description: A worker cuts curd to make Swiss cheese at the Jorden Cheese factory.

Hooping the Curd

Date: 1914
Description: Workers hooping the curd to make cheddar cheese at the Plymouth Cheese factory.

Wisconsin Cheese Billboard

Date: September 28 1942
Description: Highway billboard advertising Wisconsin cheese for the Department of Agriculture and Markets.

Pressing Curd

Date: 1941
Description: Two men pressing the curd into a form at the Swiss Cheese Factory.

Cheese in Storage

Date: 1952
Description: Cheesemaker standing on ladder putting cheese on storage shelf, along with rows of other cheeses.

Workers Paraffining Cheese

Description: Workers paraffining cheese at the Sheboygan County Farmers' Coop cheese factory.

Buckhorn Cheese Company

Description: Exterior view of the Buckhorn Cheese Company plant. A sign painted on the exterior of the building reads: "Take One Home."

Stamping Cheeses

Description: A male worker in a cheese-making factory places a Wisconsin stamp on cheeses.

Kraft Cheese Display

Date: December 08 1933
Description: A Kraft cheese display at the Kroger Store located at 3 Pinckney Street.

Cutting the Cheese

Date: 1950
Description: Wisconsin Department of Agriculture workers cut large blocks of Swiss cheese.

Musicians on Stage at Smitty's Hall

Date: March 26 1946
Description: Three adult and two child musicians on stage with xylophone, harp, saxophone, accordion and piano at Smitty's Hall, for the grand opening program sponsored...

Cheese Poster

Date: September 05 1940
Description: Cheese advertising poster - Woman holding cheese platter and the words "Say Merry Christmas with Aged Select Natural Wisconsin Cheese in gift packs $1.00 p...

McCoy's Ice Cream Shop

Date: February 22 1938
Description: Two clerks and a customer in McCoy's Ice Cream Shop, 507 State Street, with Oscar Mayer Coolerator food display case.

Men with Big Cheese

Date: February 26 1936
Description: Five men stand behind a 200 pound wheel of Swiss cheese. Written on wheel is "Madison Milk Producers Cooperative Ass'n." The cheese was a gift for Major Ed...

Milwaukee Cheese Company Trucks

Date: June 23 1934
Description: Milwaukee Cheese Company trucks, parked in a row at 301 South Few Street.

Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture & Markets Exhibit

Date: May 03 1934
Description: Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture & Markets exhibit at the Madison Home Show promoting milk and cheese with signs.

Kraft-Phenix Cheese Exhibit

Date: June 21 1933
Description: Kraft-Phenix cheese exhibit, Loraine Hotel, at first convention of the Wisconsin Restaurant Owners association.

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