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A.G. Beebe Farm

Date: September 26 1895
Description: View of the A.G. Beebe farm in Bruce, Wis. with stump land in the foreground. In the background is Mr. Beebe's barn and house.

Farmhouse and Stump Land

Date: June 17 1929
Description: Farm surrounded by cutover stump land.

Farm of Gustave Voight

Date: 1895
Description: Partially cleared stump land on the farm of Gustave Voight, two miles south of Merrill, Lincoln county. Logs for burning are in the foreground. In the far...

Titan 10-20 Tractor Removing Tree Stumps on Farm

Date: 1921
Description: Two farmers using an International Harvester Titan 10-20 HP tractor to remove tree stumps along the fence line of a farm near a road. Electrical poles are...

Summer Harrowing

Date: July 07 1934
Description: Farmer George Kopp giving a ride on his horse-drawn harrow to a young friend as he cultivates his field.

Burned Cedar Stumps

Date: May 26 1963
Description: Burned cedar stumps in a swamp with a farm in the distance.

Men Clearing Stumps

Date: September 03 1895
Description: Clearing stumps with a stump machine on the farm of Christopher Paustenbach, three miles east of Medford, Taylor County.

Workers terrace land with T-40 TracTracTor

Date: 1935
Description: Workers terracing land with McCormick-Deering T-40 TracTracTor (crawler tractor) as part of the Las Posas Valley Project near Santa Paula, California.

Rocky Field

Date: November 12 1906
Description: "An annual crop of rocks" at the George A. Nelson Farm.

Clearing the Land

Date: 1905
Description: Man and woman using a double-handled saw to clear trees from their land.

Boys at Work on Urban Garden

Date: April 18 1917
Description: Boys from the Newberry School and Boys' Club No. 2 work on ground loaned by the Board of Education for a city garden.

Field with Tree Stumps

Date: July 1930
Description: Stump-studded field with farm buildings in the background.

Three Men Extracting a Stump

Description: Three men working with a two-horse team on a hill turning a winch to extract stumps, probably a Svenson Grubber sold by J.H. Carnahan.

Governor Rennebohm with Cow

Date: August 1948
Description: Governor Oscar Rennebohm with cattle handler and a cow next to a truck, with a painted sign on the door that says: "Ray Farness, Morrisonville, WI."

The First Passenger Train in Michigan

Description: Locomotive with coal car and one passenger car passing through rural landscape. People wave from a log cabin and a horse-drawn vehicle in the background an...

Man Standing next to Trailer

Description: A man wearing a tie stands next to an industrial trailer used for clearing of land. The side of the trailer reads "BROS" and there are other vehicles in th...

Monorail Hoist with Lumber Carrying Unit Outside

Date: November 04 1915
Description: Elevated view of monorail hoist with lumber carrying unit outside at the Port Hammond Lumber Company. Tree stumps, a tent, and other small buildings are vi...

Burning Stumps

Date: March 16 1915
Description: Smoke surrounds several stumps in a field as they are burned to make way for a farm field.

Terraced Field

Date: February 1915
Description: Elevated view of a terraced farm field belonging to M.L. Jackson. Multiple tree stumps are scattered throughout the foreground and farm buildings are in t...

Plowing Around Stumps

Date: February 24 1915
Description: Left side view of Earle Morris using a walking plow pulled by a mule in a field pitted with tree stumps.

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