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Gesell Family Burlesque

Description: The Gesell family in costume with broom, sword, and other props for a humorous picture. Family members identified as follows: Gerhard Jr. (drinking from pi...

Barman — Philip

Date: 1932
Description: Philip bartending at The Bath Club.

The Krueger Family with a Curtain

Date: 1910
Description: The family of photographer Alex Krueger posing playfully with their heads poking out of a curtain. From left to right are Jennie, Tina and Edgar.

Room in Park Hotel

Date: February 11 1936
Description: Interior view of Park Hotel hotel room with twin beds. The shades are pulled closed.

Park Hotel Guest Room

Date: February 11 1936
Description: Interior view of a Park Hotel guest room with twin beds.

Greta Garbo Display Window

Date: February 23 1934
Description: Greta Garbo display window at the Burdick & Murray store, 15-19 East Main Street. Garbo was appearing as Queen Cristina in the movie "Queen Christina" at t...

George Friedrich Plays the Melodian

Date: November 09 1933
Description: George J. Friedrich, floor manager at the Burdick & Murray Co., playing a Melodian at the Bullard house, 1154 E. Mifflin Street.

Forbes-Meagher Co. Refrigerator Window

Date: June 09 1933
Description: Forbes-Meagher Co. display window showing Frigidaire refrigerators. 27 W. Main Street.

Corset Display Window

Date: March 20 1932
Description: Nemo-flex corset show window at Burdick and Murray Co., 15-17-19 E. Main Street. Mannequins are displaying the evolution of the corset.

Dudgeon PTA Actors

Date: February 16 1932
Description: Casts of two one-act plays presented by the Dudgeon School Parent Teachers Association in the West High School Auditorium. Plays staged were "The Trysting...

Cardinal Beauty Shop

Date: March 25 1931
Description: Interior corridor of the Cardinal Beauty Shop, located at 625 State Street, with hair dryers and manicure tables.

Orpheum and Capitol Theater Ushers

Date: February 01 1931
Description: Group portrait of Capitol and Orpheum theater staff and ushers in uniform, standing and sitting around the Capitol Theatre lobby fountain.

Manchester Hat Display Window

Date: September 30 1930
Description: Manchester display window featuring seven mannequin heads with women's hats.

Cadet Singers

Date: August 30 1930
Description: Floyd's Singing Cadets. Two cadets and a leader are posing at the Orpheum theater.

First Congregational Church Student Lounge

Date: January 21 1930
Description: First Congregational Church student lounge, at 1609 University Avenue. The room is furnished with chairs and couches along the walls, two large carpets, an...

Men's Lounge at Memorial Union

Date: October 12 1928
Description: Men's lounge at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Union.

Capitol Theatre Mezzanine

Date: January 28 1928
Description: Capitol Theatre Mezzanine with chairs against the walls, and a fountain in the foreground on the right.

Capitol Theatre Mezzanine

Date: January 28 1928
Description: Capitol Theatre mezzanine.

Kern Family at the Supper Table

Date: January 13 1956
Description: The Kern family, Edna, Nancy, Ernest, and Maribeth, at the supper table.

Crowning of Alice in Dairyland

Date: 1952
Description: Beverly Ann Steffen of Appleton is crowned the 1952 Alice in Dairyland.

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