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Engineers Examine Part at IHC Tractor Works

Date: 1930
Description: Four engineers(?) gathered around an office table to examine a part at International Harvester's Tractor Works.

Testing the International Transtar Semi

Date: 1969
Description: Color photograph of an engineer attaching a Transtar nameplate to an International semi-truck during testing.

Gemini Interview

Date: August 17 1965
Description: NBC News broadcaster Merrill Mueller interviewing Lockheed engineer Bud Zeller about the Gemini Agena Target Vehicle. The interview was part of a public re...

Refrigeration Plant at Orpheum Theatre

Date: June 18 1931
Description: Eugene F. Smith, chief engineer of Madison's RKO theaters (left) is explaining the refrigeration (air conditioning) plant at the Orpheum Theatre to Floyd C...

Radio Station Master Control

Date: October 03 1930
Description: Everett Marshall, engineer, standing at the control panel of the radio station, WIBA.

Early Experimental IHC Tractor

Date: June 21 1911
Description: Man sitting on an experimental lightweight tractor. The photograph was probably taken outside International Harvester's McCormick Works. Original caption i...

Engineer Tests International Tractor Engines

Date: February 16 1961
Description: Engineer in a dyno booth testing International tractor engines.

Railroad Engineer and Fireman

Description: An unidentified engineer and fireman in the cab of a Wisconsin & Michigan locomotive.

International 824 Tractor

Date: 1971
Description: View towards a man plowing a field with an International 824 tractor in Germany. The picture commemorates the launch of the 824 tractor at Neuss Works in E...


Date: 1910
Description: Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie railroad locomotive #2024, originally the Wisconsin Central Railroad #89, built by the Schenectady Locomotive Wo...

Madison Roundhouse

Date: 1896
Description: Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Locomotive #280 at the Madison roundhouse. Identified railroad employees posed outdoors with the locomotive include: fire fig...

CM&StP Railroad Locomotive

Date: 1903
Description: Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad locomotive #1100, a class I engine, built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1873 and originally numbered #199. Th...

Milwaukee Road Railroad

Date: August 1974
Description: View down double set of railroad tracks towards a Milwaukee Road train, with the engineer about to board. Other men are standing in the background.

Harry Dyer and Robert Draves

Date: August 06 1941
Description: Singer Harry Dyer (b.1864), right, and sound engineer Robert Draves.

Harry Dyer and Models

Date: October 05 1944
Description: Captain Harry Dyer, age 80, admiring his model log raft and steam boat in his basement workshop. For 20 years he was a raft boat mate. He left the river in...

Bert Benjamin

Date: 1910
Description: Bert R. Benjamin (1870-1969). Benjamin was hired by McCormick Harvesting Machine Company after he graduated from Ames College (later Iowa State College) wi...

William H. Canfield, Civil Engineer

Date: 1870
Description: Carte-de-visite portrait of William H. Canfield (1819-1913), a Wisconsin civil engineer and surveyor who is best known for his studies of Sauk County's nat...

Automobile Crankshaft Machine at Gisholt Machine Company

Date: August 20 1947
Description: Display of a 50-ton machine, developed by the Gisholt Machine Company, that will help speed up production of automobile crankshafts. W.A. Smlja, on the lef...

WHA Radio Station

Date: January 1948
Description: Robert Wickhen, recording engineer, is cutting a recording at WHA Radio Station.

Bevel Gear

Date: April 26 1966
Description: Three men with bevel gear and pinion that was later used in a Rotary Hearth Furnace drive. This gear was purchased by Surface Comb. Division of Midland Ros...

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