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"Fashion Suggester" Illustration

Date: 1909
Description: An illustration of two men modeling spring suits with a domed building in the background, as shown in the spring and summer issue of the "Fashion Suggester...

Belle Case La Follette

Date: 1885
Description: Formal studio portrait of Belle Case La Follette wearing a black lace dress. This photograph was taken about 1885, the year in which her husband, Robert M....

Hub Clothing Store

Date: September 16 1948
Description: Angle view of four male mannequins in the window of The Hub clothing store, 22 West Mifflin Street.

Clara Bewick Colby

Description: Formal studio portrait of Clara Bewick Colby in a long, black skirt, holding a book.

Valda Valkyrien

Date: 1916
Description: Publicity portrait of Valda Valkyrien, known as "The Movie Star of Denmark."

Gammon and Deering Advertising Poster

Date: 1876
Description: Color chromolithograph illustration advertising poster for the Marsh Harvester, produced by Gammon and Deering Company. Printed by Charles Shober & Co., Ch...

Richard T. Ely

Date: 1910
Description: Studio portrait of Richard Ely seated in a chair wearing a suit and pince-nez.

University of Wisconsin Students with Senator Mueller

Date: March 09 1933
Description: University of Wisconsin students representing the U.W. Student Budget Committee present a petition to Senator Otto Mueller at the Wisconsin State Capitol....

Nina Sturgis Dousman

Date: 1873
Description: Full-length portrait of Nina Sturgis Dousman, wife of H. Louis Dousman, standing behind a chair. Born April 20, 1852; died July 25, 1930.

Jerusha Abigail Wilcox Sturgis

Date: 1870
Description: Three-quarter length portrait of Jerusha Sturgis standing, mother of Nina Dousman. Born December 1, 1827; died July 4, 1915.

Jerusha Wilcox Sturgis

Date: 1866
Description: Full-length portrait of Jerusha Sturgis, standing near a chair. The wife of Samuel Davis Sturgis I and mother of Nina Dousman. Born December 1, 1827; Died...

Mrs. Grover Cleveland

Date: 1887
Description: Formal portrait in front of a painted backdrop of Frances Folsom Cleveland, wife of President Grover Cleveland, during his first term.

Spring Fashion Show

Date: March 31 1963
Description: A model walks down the runway during an Easter dress fashion show. Ticket sales benefited the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee community center.

Two Women Model Clothing

Date: October 08 1963
Description: Two women model clothing. The woman on the left is wearing a wedding dress from 1946, and the other woman is wearing a Mount Mary gym suit.

Harold F. McCormick and his Wife Edith Rockefeller

Date: 1895
Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of Harold Fowler McCormick with his first wife Edith Rockefeller McCormick.

Harold F. McCormick and Ganna Walska

Description: Harold F. McCormick (1872-1941) and his second wife Ganna Walska walking side by side.

Ganna Walska in Italy

Description: Postcard image of Polish opera singer Ganna Walska in front of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy. Ms. Walska was the second wife of Harold Fowler McCormick.

Ganna Walska Holding a Cat

Date: 1921
Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of Ganna Walska, Polish opera singer, holding a cat. At the time this picture was taken, Ganna Walska was th...

Women with Schuetzen Rifles

Date: June 1887
Description: Studio portrait in front of a painted backdrop of Emma Protz, an unidentified woman (likely Julia Protz), and Clara Tester posing with "schuetzen-rifles."...

The Latest Fashion

Date: 1915
Description: A woman models a chic outfit with split-leg skirt and stylish coat and hat.

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