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Bootleg Days

Date: August 23 1933
Description: Elevated view of six customers celebrating Bootleg Days at Arthur Janik's tavern "The Balcony Inn" at Lincoln and 33rd Streets. Arthur Janik was the propri...

Milwaukee Mardi Gras

Date: February 21 1882
Description: Chromolithograph poster advertising a Milwaukee Mardi Gras celebration, arranged by the Turnverein and Milwaukee Musical Societies, and held at the Exposit...

Fall Festival Entertainers

Date: September 08 1930
Description: Four women are playing banjos in the McVicar Photo Service Booth at the 1930 East Side Businessman's Association (ESBMA) Fall Festival.

Bobbing for Apples

Description: Child "bobs" for apples at a "Pioneer Day Festival."

Corn and Brats on the Grill

Date: June 25 1988
Description: St. Dominic's Catholic Parish members tend the grills at their annual festival.

School Girls in Running Race

Date: June 1916
Description: Six girls in a running race at the School Festival in Palos Park.

Kennedy-Mansfield Dairy Co. Display

Date: September 19 1941
Description: Kennedy-Mansfield Dairy Co. booth at the East Side Business Men's Association Fall Festival, featuring a winter display of bears eating ice cream and a dai...

Kennedy-Mansfield Dairy Co. Booth

Date: September 19 1941
Description: Left hand section of Kennedy-Mansfield Dairy Company booth at East Side Business Men's Association Fall Festival, featuring a winter landscape with three b...

AAA Driver Training Car

Date: September 25 1938
Description: Pontiac automobile with sign "AAA dual control training car." The car was used in high schools to reduce accidents on Madison streets and is on display her...

Neon Sign Display

Date: September 25 1938
Description: Neon sign display by Capital City Advertising Co., general sign contractors, neon manufacturing sales & service, at the ESBMA (East Side Business Men's Ass...

Eastwood Theatre Booth

Date: September 25 1938
Description: Eastwood Theatre booth at the East Side Business Men's Association fall festival. "Wednesday, Club Nite $300.00, $25.00 guaranteed."

Speed Boat Display

Date: September 25 1938
Description: Speed boat display at the East Side Business Men's Association fall festival, featuring Harry Vogt's "Miss Madison" and the governor's trophy.

Fauerbach Palm Garden Refreshment Stand

Date: September 17 1937
Description: Palm Garden refreshment stand with three men behind a bar, with tables and chairs, and decorative palm trees. The stand was set up at the East Side Busines...

ESBMA Fall Festival

Date: September 10 1930
Description: Two girls standing at the Schoep's Ice Cream and Food Company Inc. booth at the ESBMA (East Side Business Men's Association) fall festival.

French Battery Company Booth

Date: September 12 1929
Description: French Battery Co. booth at East Side Business Men's Association (ESBMA) Fall Festival. "Manufacturers of Ray-O-Vac batteries and flashlights." Featuring...

Taliesin West Festival

Date: 1958
Description: Dance and singing performance during a festival at Taliesin West. The theater was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built by the Fellowship. Taliesin West...

Struck and Irwin Fuel Co., Booth

Date: July 29 1949
Description: Struck and Irwin Fuel Company booth, at East Side Business Men's Association Fall Festival, in a tent at Olbrich Park, includes charcoal and outdoor charco...

Mifflin Street Block Party

Date: May 1975
Description: Crowd at the Mifflin Street block party.

Dane Cavalry Festival

Date: December 30 1859
Description: Printed invitation from the Dane Cavalry militia company in Atwood's Hall.

Homecoming and Bridge Dedication Program

Date: 1922
Description: Homecoming and bridge dedication program featuring an image of the approach to the Wisconsin River Bridge and a listing of the celebration's planned events...

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