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Ice Cream Vendors

Date: May 17 1934
Description: Group portrait of 22 disabled American veterans who are Forget-Me-Not ice cream bars vendors. They are posing in front of 503 State Street with boxes of ic...

Bancroft Dairy Fountain

Date: September 11 1937
Description: A male soda jerk is standing behind the semi-circular counter in the Bancroft Dairy fountain room, with seven customers eating ice cream.

Rhythm Girls

Date: June 25 1932
Description: Fanchon and Mario "Rhythm Girls" posing in front of an A&W Root Beer. They are standing in a line and holding mugs of root beer.

Rennebohm Drug Store Employees

Date: June 13 1944
Description: Employees of Rennebohm Drug Store #2, 204 State Street, photographed in front of the store. The majority of the employees are waitresses. War bond posters...

Waitress Tending Table in McCormick Works Club House

Date: July 06 1919
Description: Waitress tending a table in the dining room of the McCormick Works Club House.

Flying Tea Party

Description: A tea party on an airplane, a publicity stunt conceived by Harry Bruno to promote his Cleveland-area airline, Aeromarine Airlines. By taking local reporter...

Apollo 16 Before Launch

Date: April 16 1972
Description: The Apollo 16 flight crew and backup crew at the breakfast served four hours before launch. With them, seated on the right side of the table and pointing,...

Meat Packing

Date: August 30 1965
Description: Workers are filling orders of ground steak patties by putting them into corrugated boxes layered with parchment divider paper.

Oscar Mayer Company Cafeteria

Date: October 15 1943
Description: Oscar Mayer Company cafeteria with workers sitting at tables.

Oscar Mayer Co. Cafeteria

Date: October 15 1943
Description: Oscar Mayer Company cafeteria, showing workers standing in a food line.

Spice Collection

Date: September 09 1943
Description: Chef Carson Gulley, UW residence hall chef, proudly displaying his spice collection.

Oscar Mayer Cafeteria

Date: September 27 1943
Description: Oscar Mayer Company cafeteria, showing counter in the background, and women sitting at tables in the foreground.

Oscar Mayer Cafeteria

Date: September 27 1943
Description: Oscar Mayer Company cafeteria showing counter in the background, and women sitting at tables in the foreground.

Manchester's Store Fountain Room

Date: September 11 1941
Description: Manchester's Department Store Fountain Room and coffee shop, with people at the counter and in booths.

Fauerbach Palm Garden Refreshment Stand

Date: September 17 1937
Description: Palm Garden refreshment stand with three men behind a bar, with tables and chairs, and decorative palm trees. The stand was set up at the East Side Busines...

Park Hotel Grill Night Crew

Date: October 02 1936
Description: Park Hotel Grill night crew. Four waiters and a cook are standing behind counter of the Park Hotel Grill.

McNeil Coffee Shop Night Crew

Date: August 15 1936
Description: Group portrait of four waiters and one chef standing behind the counter at W.R. McNeil's Coffee Shop in the Park Hotel at 28 South Carroll Street.

Madison Cafeteria Interior

Date: October 30 1935
Description: Interior view of Madison Cafeteria, 215 W. Washington Avenue. There are seven servers behind the counter, and two customers are sitting at tables.

Fauerbach and Blatz Beer Signs

Date: August 27 1933
Description: Fauerbach and Blatz beer signs at the concession stand at the Dane County fair. The signs read: "Fauerback Beer Served Here Exclusively!" and Blatz Brewing...

Mr. Gannon and Cook in Transient Home

Date: August 04 1933
Description: Director Tom C. Gannon, (on the right) and Assistant Chef Ed Masury in apron, who is drawing a cup of coffee, standing at the stove in the transient home k...

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