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John B. Callis

Description: Carte-de-visite of a three-quarter length portrait of John B. Callis in uniform with a sword on his left side.

Kleinheinz Hall

Date: April 01 1945
Description: Kleinheinz Hall (old Sheep Barn) at 1815 Linden Drive on University of Wisconsin campus.

Naval Training School Honor Students

Date: December 26 1944
Description: Commander Leslie K. Pollard and six honor students from the U.S. Naval Training School (Radio), Division #40, University of Wisconsin-Madison, posing for a...

Captain Roper Speaking On USS Wisconsin

Date: October 26 1945
Description: Captain Roper of the USS Wisconsin speaking aboard ship at a presentation ceremony of a silver service from the people of Wisconsin to the battleship. Gove...

Marquette ROTC Annual Review

Date: May 14 1967
Description: Members of Marquette University's naval ROTC line up on campus for their annual review.

Gunboat on Ohio River

Date: March 13 1862
Description: View down railroad tracks of the gunboat "Cinncinati" guarding Union approaches to Cairo on the Ohio River.

Repair Boat — Gunboat Cincinnatti [sic] and Lexington

Date: 1863
Description: Four boats shown. One is a repair boat and the other two the gunboats "Cincinnatti" [sic] and "Lexington." There is a steamboat marked "Marie Denin"...

Gunboat "Essex"

Description: The "Essex" (New Era) transformed into a gunboat, at anchor. Next to it is a smaller boat.

Union Army and Navy Officers

Description: A lithograph of 100 Union Army and Navy officers and Abraham Lincoln.

Oscar Rennebohm in Navy Uniform

Date: 1917
Description: Portrait of young Oscar Rennebohm in his World War I Navy uniform. Rennebohm interrupted his already successful career as the owner of the Badger Pharmacy...

Symbol of the Seabees

Date: November 02 1969
Description: Bee symbol of the construction battalion (Seabees) at the Naval Reserve Training Center located at 1046 East Washington Avenue.

Graduation at Annapolis

Date: April 17 1917
Description: Parade of U.S. Naval Academy officers in full dress uniform prior to the graduation of the Annapolis midshipmen, showing Secretary of the Navy Josephus Dan...


Date: May 09 1971
Description: A pre-World War I anchor from an unidentified ship outside of the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Training Center at 1046 East Washington Avenue.

Labor Day Parade

Date: September 02 1918
Description: Labor Day parade on the Capitol Square, at the State Street corner, featuring a float shaped like a boat and carrying a naval gun barrel. Gun barrel and fl...

Lieutenant Leo F. Kosak

Date: July 08 1944
Description: Navy Lieutenant Leo F. Kosak prior to reporting for active duty in Tucson, Arizona.

USO-Travelers Aid Award Ceremony Participants

Date: March 19 1944
Description: USO-Travelers Aid award ceremony featuring Katheryn Heringer, medical social worker at the Bureau of Handicapped Children and Orthopedic Hospital; Lieut. J...

Jimmy Hanson

Date: May 12 1944
Description: Portrait of Boatswain mate first class Jimmy Hanson, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Hanson, 1215 Buckeye Road. The article in which the photograph appears, details...

Lieutenant William Briggs

Date: May 26 1944
Description: Portrait of Lieutenant William Briggs prior to leaving Madison for New York and a Navy assignment. Before serving in the Navy, he was the county welfare d...

Captain Arthur S. Adams

Date: May 29 1944
Description: Captain Arthur S. Adams, director of the Navy's administration division of training, with from left to right, Commander Leslie K. Pollard and University Pr...

Kenneth Strauss

Date: September 08 1944
Description: Portrait of Kenneth Strauss, chief gunners mate with the US Navy, on leave with his parents. Strauss is a former employee of the Wisconsin State Journal, a...

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