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Dickey Chapelle Covering Operation Inland Seas

Date: July 1959
Description: Dickey Chapelle, photographer, on the same Milwaukee beach where she learned to swim as a young girl. She was covering "Operation Inland Seas" celebrating...

Dickey Chapelle in Vietnam

Date: November 1964
Description: Dickey Chapelle on the Don Phuc command post, in front of a stack of sandbags, on the Vietnam-Cambodia frontier. Chapelle resided at this post for 34 days,...

Andreas Dahl and the Wisconsin State Capitol

Date: 1876
Description: Stereograph. This view from East Washington Avenue shows photographer Andrew Dahl on his horse "Curnel" in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol. Dahl had j...

Ed Gein's Arrest

Date: November 19 1957
Description: Waushara County Sheriff Art Schley and his deputy, Leon "Specks" Murty (wearing hat), escorting Ed Gein (1906-1984) to the state crime lab, 917 University...

Photographers Learn How to Shoot a Crime Scene

Description: Elevated view of photographers being instructed on how to shoot a crime scene. A teacher is demonstrating photographic techniques while a group of students...

Stroboscopic Photography Technique

Date: April 1950
Description: A girl on a swing is the subject of photographers demonstrating a technique using high speed flash.

Photographers at the Strobo Research Lab

Description: Photographers demonstrating strobe light functions at Frank Scherschel's Strobe Research Lab. Frank Scherschel is in the back on the righthand side, wearin...

Portrait of Photographer Edmund Eisenscher

Date: April 1948
Description: Portrait of photographer Edmund Eisenscher.

Photographer Edmund Eisenscher

Date: 1950
Description: Color portrait of photographer Edmund Eisenscher.

Portrait of photographer Edmund Eisenscher

Description: Edmund Eisenscher (1909-1995), posing with his dog.

Bennett Studio Interior

Date: May 1912
Description: Interior of H.H. Bennett's studio gift shop with Indian souvenirs.

Photographer J. Robert Tayor

Date: 1928
Description: Standing atop a special vehicle fitted with a body built to resemble a camera, Taylor found the ideal vantage point from which to cover a news event. The c...

Woman at Traveling Photographer's Wagon

Date: 1890
Description: A woman, possibly the daughter of C.R. Monroe, holding up an image of Black River Falls Main Street at the back of a traveling photographer's wagon.

Parade of International "Jungle Yachts" on Times Square

Date: 1938
Description: Parade of two International "Jungle Yachts" on Times Square, with newsreel cameramen on top of cars in front of the procession. The "Jungle Yachts" were sp...

Photographer on International C-1 Truck at "A Century of Progress"

Date: 1934
Description: Photographer from Kaufmann and Fabry on top of an International C-1 truck at the "A Century of Progress" Worlds Fair. Kaufmann and Fabry were the official...

Midwest Air Transport Travelair Biplane

Date: October 25 1930
Description: Pilot O.G. Corben preparing to take off with photographer Aldro Wasley and another passenger on their way to the Wisconsin-Purdue football game in Lafayett...

H.H. Bennett and Dark Tent at Gates Ravine

Description: View up the river from behind Gates Ravine. There is a boat and dark tent at the edge of the river. H.H. Bennett is sitting on rowboat with his wetplate te...

Fort Rider

Description: Rock formations along the top of Fort Rider. The photographer's wet negative plate equipment is at foot of the rock formation.

Pillar Rock, Fort Danger

Date: July 1873
Description: Adams and Juneau Counties. Pillar Rock, Fort Danger. There is a man with an 8 x 10 camera in the foreground.

H.H. Bennett on "Dell Queen" Steamboat

Description: H.H. Bennett and men posing on bow of "Dell Queen" steamboat. There are two men with violins, one with a harp.

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