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Bathing Baby in Tub

Date: 1937
Description: Dr. Hunter of the Wisconsin Board of Health bathes a baby in a tub of water.

Doctor James T. Reeve

Description: Sixth plate ferrotype/tintype oval-framed portrait of Doctor James T. Reeve, assistant surgeon, 10th Wisconsin, Surgeon of the 21st Wisconsin. Quarter-leng...

Dr. A. N. Nelson and Mary B. Nelson

Date: November 1948
Description: Dr. Anton N. Nelson and Mary Nelson, parents of Gaylord Nelson. Dr Nelson was a physician in Clear Lake, Wisconsin.

Doctors' Corner

Description: Photographic postcard of "Doctors' Corner," which includes the offices of Dr. L. Campbell (house on the left) and Dr. Anton Nelson, the father of Gaylord N...

William C. Klatt, as a Physician

Date: 1905
Description: William C. Klatt, member of the Menomonie High School class of 1905, depicted as a physician operating on a disembodied head. Darkroom manipulation was use...

Treating Workers at McCormick Works Hospital

Date: November 04 1914
Description: Medical staff attending to male and female factory workers at International Harvester's McCormick Works. The factory was owned by the McCormick Harvesting...

Physician inside McCormick Works Infirmary

Date: November 05 1919
Description: Factory doctor sitting in a doctor's office or first aid station at International Harvester's McCormick Works.

Man Writing a Medical Prescription

Date: January 14 1941
Description: Close-up of a man writing a medical prescription for digitalis on a pad labeled: "John J. Doe, M.D. Brovira, Wis."

Eye Exam

Date: November 06 1933
Description: Dr. John E. Hughes, optometrist, tests a patient's vision in his office at 112 E. Main Street, using an eyeglass lens machine.

Pre-Camp Physical

Date: July 14 1933
Description: Doctor John E. Gonce examining a child's throat while other children wait in line, in order to go to "The Capital Times" Kiddie Camp.

Handicraft Sales at Wisconsin Memorial Hospital

Date: March 04 1932
Description: Handicrafts, including wicker furniture and rugs on display at the sales display room in Wisconsin Memorial Hospital, on Farwell Point, adjoining Mendota M...

Women Medical Students

Date: April 06 1931
Description: A group of four women medical students wearing laboratory coats at Wisconsin General hospital. Left to right, Mrs. A.F. Kyhos is sitting at a microscope w...

Operating Room

Date: 1911
Description: Doctors and nurses surround a patient on a gurney in an operating room at Stobhill General Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland.

Dr. Joseph Schneider, Famous Eye Surgeon

Description: Dr. Joseph Schneider performs surgery on the eye of a man laying on a gurney, with assistance from a nun nurse and another man.

Dr. Charles O. Lindberg

Date: August 10 1946
Description: The man on the left is Dr. Charles O. Lindberg, a physician and singer of Swedish songs, who recorded for Helene Stratman-Thomas. The man on the right is A...

Gathering of Ministerial Families at Parsonage of Jacob Aaall Ottesen

Date: 1874
Description: A gathering of ministerial families at the parsonage of Jacob Aaall Ottesen (1825-1904). Pastor Ottesen, seated on the far left with Mrs. Cathinka Doderlei...

Family outside of Dr. Blake's home

Date: 1877
Description: A dirt road leads to Dr. Blake's (probably Samuel M.) frame house in Lodi or Prairie du Sac. A family is under a tree near a wooden fence. On the right is...

Dr. McConnell Home

Date: 1878
Description: A family sits in the yard of a large brick house that has round-top windows with two small windows on the third floor. The porch has a latticework skirting...

Group at Picnic Point

Date: 1877
Description: A group, probably at Picnic Point on Lake Mendota in Madison, posed under the trees. Picnic baskets are behind them. Mrs. Bashford is the person in Mrs....

Reaper Boy in Stable

Date: 1877
Description: A horse named Reaper Boy in a stable. Photographed at the residence of Dr. Blake (probably Samuel M.).

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