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University of Wisconsin Poultry Class

Date: 1916
Description: University of Wisconsin Poultry Class. A large group of students is standing outside near cages.

Poultry Night at the Orpheum Theatre

Date: November 17 1932
Description: Male and female turkeys awaiting their fate in cages in the lobby of the Orpheum Theatre. A poster advertises "Next Tuesday is Poultry Night Here! 8 turkey...

Loading Eggs into International L-120 Pickup Truck

Date: 1950
Description: Two men are loading boxes of eggs into the back end of an International L-120 pickup truck in front of a poultry store. Produced from 1949-1953, approximat...

Turkey-drawn Wagon

Date: 1910
Description: A boy is driving two turkeys yoked together that are pulling his small wagon loaded with vegetables. Painted on the side of the wagon: "Birdsell, South Ben...

Turkeys in Cooler

Date: December 07 1944
Description: Goeden Company, 635-637 University Avenue walk-in cooler, with many turkeys hanging on racks.

Man with Wrapped Turkeys

Date: December 01 1941
Description: Man standing behind desk with fifteen dressed and wrapped turkeys stacked on top.

Men with Wrapped Turkeys

Date: December 1941
Description: Six men stand behind a desk piled with fifteen dressed and wrapped turkeys.

Brooder House

Date: April 21 1936
Description: New brooder house at Garver's Supply Co., 3220 Atwood Avenue.

Baby Chicks at Hatchery

Date: January 15 1936
Description: Two trays of baby chicks at Klinke Hatchery, 1918 Winnebago Street, showing contrast between chicks fed with Jarvis egg mash and those who weren't.

Klinke Hatchery and Truck

Date: November 1935
Description: Klinke Hatchery, 1918 Winnebago Street, with truck in front loaded with incubators from the Petersime Incubator Co., Gettysburg, Ohio.

Klinke Hatchery

Date: May 29 1935
Description: Interior of Klinke Hatchery, 1918 Winnebago Street, with employee pouring water into tray of chicken cages, and bags of Vig-o-ray starting mash in view.

Klinke Hatchery Incubators

Date: February 28 1935
Description: Three drawers full of baby chicks as they emerge from one of the big incubating machines at the Klinke Hatchery, 1918 Winnebago Street.

Vit-O-Ray Egg Laying Contest

Date: March 04 1935
Description: View inside storefront towards a dozen chickens in cages. They are finalists in the Vit-O-Ray egg laying contest for Klinke Hatchery, 1918 Winnebago Street...

Flock of Turkeys

Date: November 28 1934
Description: Flock of turkeys in their coop at 102 S. Dickinson Street.

Cooking Turkey

Date: November 23 1932
Description: Blanche Taylor, dietician at Madison General Hospital, testing turkey in commercial oven in hospital kitchen.

Homer Stone Farm Turkey Farm

Date: November 16 1932
Description: Mrs. Homer Stone observing turkeys at Homer Stone Farm turkey farm. They are Holland White turkeys. Alternate view.

Mrs. Homer Stone Holding Turkey

Date: November 16 1932
Description: Mrs. Homer Stone holding a 28 lb "Holland White" turkey.

Piper Brothers Farm

Date: March 04 1932
Description: Piper Brothers farm scene, 4718 Odana Road near Midvale.

International Truck and Poultry Rack Trailer

Date: January 29 1932
Description: View of the back left side of an International truck and poultry rack trailer.

Men Delivering Chickens with International Truck

Date: 1919
Description: Two men transporting crates of chickens with an International Model H or 21 delivery truck.

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