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International Harvester Refrigerator

Date: 1950
Description: Woman demonstrates the features of a well-stocked International Harvester refrigerator.
Magazine or Periodical

IH Refrigeration Takes Broad New Strides

Date: January 1947
Description: Cover of International Harvester World magazine showing a woman standing next to an International Harvester freezer. International Harvester also ma...

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator

Date: November 04 1940
Description: A pharmacist checks the stocks of biologicals in a large, modern "walk-in" refrigerator.

Patrons and Bartender at Chet's Tavern

Date: 1941
Description: Two patrons and bartender at Chet's tavern. The bartender is pulling bottles of Schlitz beer out of an International No. 4 De Luxe dry type beverage cooler...

Dreams Come True

Description: Advertisement for International Harvester refrigerators and freezers. Depicts a woman wearing an apron over a dress standing near a freezer and refrigerato...

Dealer Points out Features of McCormick-Deering Milk Cooler

Date: April 16 1937
Description: Dealer pointing out the features of a McCormick-Deering milk cooler at the dealership of Wisehaupt Sons & Co. Also pictured are a McCormick-Deering Type LA...

Shooting a Refrigerator Advertisement

Date: July 31 1950
Description: A woman wearing an apron poses with a refrigerator in a photography studio while a photographer takes a picture for advertising.

Irma Harding, Spokesperson for IH Refrigerators

Date: 1947
Description: Publicity photograph of Irma Harding pointing out features of a new model refrigerator. Ms. Harding was a fictional character who acted as a spokesperson...

Turkeys in Cooler

Date: December 07 1944
Description: Goeden Company, 635-637 University Avenue walk-in cooler, with many turkeys hanging on racks.

Gus Larson Storefront

Date: November 24 1939
Description: Gustave A. Larson storefront, 205 E. Main Street. Wholesale refrigeration parts and Texeco Capella Oil.

Fast Freezer Room

Date: March 06 1939
Description: Freezer room at 20th Century Market, 1860 East Washington Avenue, with Oscar Mayer's White Clover brand pure lard and other products on the floor and shelv...

Hefty Sales Company Interior

Date: May 21 1935
Description: Three Frigidaire refrigerator service men working in the Hefty Sales Co. shop, 210 E. Washington Avenue.

Nurse in front of Refrigerator

Date: April 16 1935
Description: A nurse in uniform standing in front of an open refrigerator, checking vials of medicines at the Wisconsin General Hospital.

Forbes-Meagher Co. Refrigerator Window

Date: June 09 1933
Description: Forbes-Meagher Co. display window showing Frigidaire refrigerators. 27 W. Main Street.

Railroad Car of Refrigerators

Date: August 12 1928
Description: Men unloading Frigidaire refrigerators from New York Central/Cincinnati Northern railroad box car to truck. The delivery is for the Gay Brothers Apartments...

Evansville Works Employees

Date: 1946
Description: Group portrait of International Harvester's Evansville Works employees wearing suits assembled in front of the factory. The Evansville Works produced refri...

Woman with International Harvester Designer Refrigerator

Date: 1949
Description: Advertising photograph of a woman putting a fabric covering on an International Harvester refrigerator. The refrigerator was designed to accomodate custom...

International Harvester "Femineered" Refrigerator Brochure

Date: 1952
Description: Cover of an advertising brochure for International Harvester "femineered" refrigerators. Features a woman in a black evening gown standing next to a refrig...

International Harvester Refrigerator Advertising Poster

Date: 1951
Description: Advertising poster showing a woman displaying color choices for International Harvester refrigerator door handle plaques. Also includes illustrations of a...

International Harvester Refrigerator Brochure

Date: 1951
Description: Advertising brochure with an image of a woman opening a bottle of soda with the bottle opener on a well-stocked International Harvester Refrigerator while...

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