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Rennebohm's Employees Boost War Bonds

Date: June 13 1944
Description: Three female employees of Rennebohm Drugstore #2, 204 State Street, wearing white uniforms, caps and neckties with slogans urging people to buy war bonds:...

IH "Milker Service Day" Advertising Poster

Date: 1950
Description: Advertising poster promoting "Milker Service Day" at International Harvester dealerships. Includes the text: "Our trained milker service men will adjust an...

Busy Pharmacy Scene

Date: November 04 1940
Description: A busy scene at the Professional Pharmacy. James Robinson, proprietor, stands in front of the prescriptions counter.

Lackland Pharmacy Interior

Date: March 16 1946
Description: Thomas Lackland, proprietor of Lackland Pharmacy, poses with a clerk behind a well-stocked counter, full of a variety of personal hygiene items.

Affleck Pharmacy Staff

Date: August 06 1940
Description: Staff members of the Affleck Pharmacy stand behind the prescription pick-up counter. The proprietor, A.J. Affleck, is in the foreground.

Willson Monarch Labs Salesman Card

Date: 1935
Description: Business card of Edward Rohloff, a traveling salesman for Willson's Monarch Laboratory, a manufacturer of patent medications in the early part of the 1900s...

Televisions for Sale

Date: February 21 1957
Description: Interior view of the "TV Center" with the proprietor and televisions on display.

F-20 Tractor in front of Iowa Dealership

Date: September 16 1936
Description: Farmall F-20 tractor with steel wheels parked outside a dealership owned by Gary T. Vogelaar. At the front of the F-20 Mr. Vogelaar is pointing out to Sim...

F-20 Tractor in Dealership Showroom

Date: January 13 1937
Description: Two salesmen (C. Scheler and son?) posing with a new Farmall F-20 tractor inside the dealership of C. Scheler and Son.

Parts and Repairs Counter at International Harvester Dealership

Date: October 28 1936
Description: Customer talks with a salesman at the parts and repairs counter of a McCormick-Deering dealership. In the foreground is a McCormick-Deering mower.

Family Examining a New W-30 Tractor

Date: February 07 1935
Description: Salesman showing a new McCormick-Deering W-30 tractor to a small group of men, women, and children in the showroom of an International Harvester dealership...

Buying Paint

Date: 1950
Description: A couple waits at the checkout stand with a shopping cart and cans of Mautz paint and other supplies to purchase.

Ticket Seller

Date: 1950
Description: A man operates a ticket booth in the Wisconsin Dells. He is playing a card game, probably solitaire, on the counter.

Fireworks Stand

Date: July 1927
Description: Three boys purchase fireworks from the proprietor of a National Fireworks tent near Ogden Avenue. The photograph was taken for International Harvester's Ag...

Television Store

Date: June 01 1956
Description: A man standing in a television retail store. A number of television sets are displayed, including one Hallicrafters set.

International Truck Dealer and Salesman

Date: September 20 1938
Description: International dealer and a sales promotion man talking things over outside the Younger Motor Truck Company dealership building. The dealer, George Younger...

Salesman Demonstrates Milker to Customer

Date: November 22 1937
Description: Salesman Claude De Kay demonstrating the functionality of a McCormick-Deering milker to customer H.M. Arnold against the backdrop of the store's plate glas...

Parts Counter at IHC Dealership

Date: 1944
Description: Employees at the parts counter of the International Harvester McCormick-Deering dealership of Hammer-Staunton Farm & Ranch Equipment. Ed Hammer, the propr...

Salesmen Examine McCormick-Deering T-20 TracTracTor

Date: November 02 1936
Description: Two salesmen examining the features of a McCormick-Deering T-20 TracTracTor (crawler tractor) at an International Harvester dealership.

Service Desk at International Harvester Dealership

Date: 1946
Description: Man standing at the service desk of an International Harvester dealership. A clerk is behind the counter. Advertising brochures are displayed on the left e...

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